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Sustainable Fashion Brands

Fast fashion is extremely harmful to our environment.  Not only that but the mentality that we need and are able to constantly buy and throw away new articles of clothing is problematic.  If you want to make the switch to sustainable and ethical brands but don’t know how, here’s a short list of brands that are working towards bettering the environment!

I’d like to point out that not sustainable and ethical fashion does tend to be more on the expensive side.  Not only are the companies working hard to use sustainable and ethical methods of production, but they’re paying their workers a fair living wage!  A lot of these brands are also America based, so all their products are made here in America. I understand that buying sustainable and ethical fashion is a privilege that not everyone possesses.  However, even lessening your consumption of fast fashion will have an impact. Thrift stores are your best friend!


Okay, on to the list..

An all time favorite.  The kind of style we all yearn for but don’t tend to find with sustainable and ethical brands.

  • Linen Fox

Classic pieces that are all made from the best linen!

The brand that most people think of when they hear sustainable.  Timeless pieces that you can pair with everything.

A newer brand that also happens to be more on the affordable side!

Athletic wear that is good for this world.

Also sells athletic wear, but has a line of swimsuits too!

Lots of bright and fun clothing from this London based brand.

Have any sustainable brands you’d love to share?  Let the world know, message us!


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