Why Italian Food is the Best Food

The authentic and mouth-watering food of the Italians is well-known across our country and around the world. Italian is the go-to comfort cuisine and has the ability to make you feel satisfied from the first to the last bite. Whether you are ordering pizza or dining in, you are sure to feel that your cravings were fulfilled from the moment you first see your food to when you eventually feel full, and that the experience was completely worth it. Here are some of the key elements that make Italian food so special!


Bread and appetizers.

If you’re a true Italian food lover, you get very hyped when the fresh, warm bread is brought out along with either butter or extra virgin olive oil for dipping. It’s only the beginning of a meal that will possibly be the highlight of your day. For appetizers, salad is always a good choice, in particular, the caprese (tomato, mozzarella, basil… for anyone who does not already know). In the colder months, soup is the best option to start off with (maybe a savory minestrone soup?).



Italian food is often paired with wine. Specific wines are recommended with certain dishes to unleash the perfect combination of flavor. If you are of age to drink and a fan of Italian food, go wine-tasting to figure out which wines are your favorites and which ones you would pair with your favorite entrees.


The Main Dish.

Most of the main Italian dishes are a variation of tomato sauce, cheese and dough. Sauces like Marinara or Bolognese and cheeses like mozzarella, ricotta or parmigiana provide many opportunities to try different dishes with similar elements. Pastas can be shaped into linguine, angel hair, spaghetti, penne, ravioli, or tortellini. Pizza is also a favorite that we cannot forget (especially because most of the time it is a meal on its own, no bread or wine needed). It is also common to see meat like chicken, steak, bacon or meatballs be incorporated into the main dish. Just think of the amazing dishes of chicken parm, cheese manicotti, and spaghetti carbonara…

Of course, not to forget when dining at a restaurant, we’re all thinking, “keep the extra grated cheese coming please!”



Italian food has a pretty sweet finish. If you are in the ice-cream mood, there are endless flavors of gelato to treat yourself to. If you are in the mood for cake, you can never go wrong with tiramisu or panettone. The zeppole is much like a donut with powdered sugar, topped with a sweet, cream sauce. And of course, don’t forget an Italian classic... the cannoli (a fried dough shell that is filled with ricotta or mascarpone and topped with chocolate chips, fruit or nuts). Italian pastries and cookies may also be enjoyed with expresso for a truly special dessert experience.


Everyone has their favorite type of food and if Italian is yours, you are not alone. Besides, I am sure you are hungry now after thinking about all the Italian food we all wish we were eating at this very moment. Bon appetit!