What Really Happens During A Girls Night In

We all know the stereotype. Movies have alluded to it, teenage boys dream about it. But what really goes on when girls get together and spend a night in together? Well, lucky for you, we’ve got a few ideas that might help explain the hype behind the idea ...


1. We watch movies.

Like movies on movies. The best movies to watch on a girls’ night in are Legally Blonde, White Chicks, The Notebook, The Proposal, and Mean Girls. Plus all the old throwbacks like High School Musical and Camp Rock are on Netflix! Just log on and choose away. Trust me, when you get started, you won’t be able to stop. The movies pretty much just don’t end.

2. The talking doesn’t end.

Imagine a room full of twelve girls. It’s loud. Like, sorority recruitment loud. Conversations typically vary from something like food to something really intense that you heard on campus, or even something crazy that happened to you. But when those deep conversations start, expect open ears. Also expect to start your story over around five times, because no one will hear the first time.

3. Girls eat a lot of food.

French fries or pizza or ice cream or chips or cookie dough. Or all of them at once. It really depends on what you’re feeling that night but no matter what, there will be food and it will all be devoured. Girls love comfort food after a long week of exams, presentations, and lack of sleep. Another fan favorite is mac and cheese, because let’s be honest… mac and cheese is the perfect food. What’s not to love?

4. Instagram

Then there's always the notorious “Let’s take pictures for Instagram!” Please, let’s. Now I know this sounds superficial, and it kind of is. But a girls’ night in is always so much fun and they are times to remember. Plus there’s always something hilarious bound to happen so expect a bunch of cameras pointed around most of the night. Plus, you have to take a variety so the whole group doesn’t have to post the same picture and there aren't twelve repeated photos in peoples’ Instagram feeds.

5. Snapchat Stories

While we’re on the subject of social media, it’s appropriate to bring up the Snapchat stories. Ah, everyone’s favorite thing to look at in the morning. You didn’t realize on your sugar high that you were dancing around for a straight fifteen minutes, did you? Well expect to see it all over Snapchat the next day, because odds are, your friends caught it all. The off pitch singing, the awkward dance moves… they’re public for a full 24 hours. But it's all in good humor, even if it's at your expense. 

6. Crafting

Another priority of a girls’ night in is crafting: painting canvases, plaques and whatnot. There’s something oddly satisfying about having glitter everywhere. It’s all fun and games when you are throwing glitter all over everything so that your room looks like a bath bomb exploded in there. The fun ends when you have to clean it all up in the morning. Glitter will now forever coat everything you own, and it’ll be in your hair for a solid two weeks before fully washing out.

7. Naps on naps on naps.

At the end of it all, (or in the middle of it for some of us) we take a big group nap. Let’s be honest, we have had a long, hard week. There’s nothing like being with people who understand and embrace your sleep deprivation with you. A girls’ night in is always an okay time to snuggle up under a blanket and crash. But as always, expect it to be on social media later. Now that’s true friendship.