A Wake Up Call For the World We Live In

To think I’d ever be sitting here writing this article has come as an extreme surprise to me. For the people that know me, they know I am the absolute last person to ever post or comment on anything political or to be critical of a situation. Quite frankly, I cannot even stand to read Facebook posts, Instagram stories, etc. of anything extremely controversial, because the disputes it can cause between people just isn’t worth it to me. I believe your opinion and where you stand when it comes to certain situations is your God given right and I fully support that everyone has their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions towards different situations. However, I am sick and tired of the world we live in today.  

I am tired of waking up and seeing notifications from news stations sharing the latest death or random act of violence that has taken place today as if it’s as common as Post Malone dropping a new song or a new season of the Kardashian’s airing.   I am tired of hearing how another girl has been striped of her life, her ability to graduate and get a college degree, to continue to make memories- laughing, going out and having a good time with her college roommates in the last few weeks of her final semester. Striped of her ability to walk down the aisle or raise a family one day; leaving her friends and family without a chance to say goodbye, all because of a mistaken Uber driver.  

  I am tired of hearing about random acts of violence such as someone attacking a man in the parking lot after a MLB game, leaving him in critical condition and his children to going in to visit him -- not seeing their father but a man with machines and tubes connected to him.   I am tired of hearing about shootings occurring at a school or in a bar. Innocent and helpless people injured. It breaks my heart that elementary school children are taught how to hide from an armed individual, just as they are taught to read and how to write their names in cursive. Of course we want them to be prepared, God forbid such a terrible event occurs, but is that not heartbreaking to anyone else? 

  It seems as if there is so much hatred and violence in the world we live in today. This needs to come to an end. It’s time that the world we live in today gets a wake up call. This is not what is supposed to be normal. This is not supposed to be ongoing on a day to day basis. We are not supposed to be living in fear. This is not the way we should want to live. There is so much more to life than this.  

I often think our society needs reminders of all the good things going on in the world. A celebration of life and all the beautiful successes and strides our nation has made.  While there may be bad in the world, there is so, so, so much good. It’s time that we make a change, try to put an end to constant reminders of how terrible, cruel and unfair this world can be at times.  We need a wake up call and some positive changes.

  I am just one person’s voice, opinions, thoughts, feelings and actions. While there are many people who may not see this the way I do – I believe that there are some that do.  

This is not to say that these hateful actions should be completely disregarded in the news all together. I simply just believe that our nation needs a reminder to celebrate when things are good. A reminder that the world is not all bad. A reminder that even when it rains, the sun will come out again eventually.