The Top Three Tips for Time Management

Good Time Management is something that is often sought over as a college student but sometimes hard to actually follow through. Though I may procrastinate a lot, when I do follow these tips I find my life is actually balanced for once. 

1. Write out EVERYTHING in your planner

This is something that is absolutely key for me that I do every Sunday. I write out all of the assignments I have to do for the week when I think I will do them, with a check box next to each task. Also, whenever I have events that our out of my ordinary schedule I write them down in the respected day. By having everything I have to do and attend written down, I can figure out how much time I actually need to allot for each task or event. n

2. Set your phone aside

This is something that I struggle with hard. I will be doing an assignment for 30 minutes then pull out my phone to check a text, and all of a sudden, I am two days deep in my Instagram feed. If I am studying in a classroom I will put my phone off to the side of the desk far away from me and when I have completed an adequate amount of work I’ll “reward” myself with a break of checking social media for a few minutes. My breaking up your work with small periods of phone use, it prevents you from binging social media and messing up your flow completely.  

3. Do work when you ACTUALLY enjoy doing it

This is something that I am only recently realizing how important it is. If you absolutely despise waking up early in the morning and can’t get any work done then you are wasting time trying to do so. I cannot stress it enough how important it is to find out when YOU work best and plan accordingly. I used to find myself working late in the library until 2 am but from 12-2am I would have barely accomplished anything. Since then I have started waking up to get work done earlier in the morning and that’s what I’ve personally found to be the best for me.

Time management is something that is extremely important as a college student, because you are either overbooked or you are new to college and are not used to all the free time that you get. No matter your scenario, if you work hard and add these tips into your life then you’re bound to succeed!!