The Struggle of Winter Blues in College

Winter. Some people enjoy it and as for the rest of the population, hate it. Its cold, dark, raw, and well kind of depressing. It is a time that is always associated with schoolwork, at least for students. When I was living at home, I could drive myself places. But, being a freshman in college traps me to campus, especially during the winter.

There are ways to fight the “winter blues” in college to make winter somewhat enjoyable.

1) Don’t sleep too late.

Winter can confine us and make our beds seem irresistible, but when it gets dark at 4 pm and you wake up at noon, the daylight can pass you by. It is important to take advantage of the little sunlight there is, and not forget to spend time outside.

2) Don’t fall into the trap of going from your dorm to the dining hall to class constantly.

Grab some friends and cheap sleds and hit the slopes, or any hill on campus without campus police noticing. Even if it means bundling up to take a walk in the cold, at least you're breathing in some fresh air.

3) Take time for yourself.

Exercise often and always put your health before your academics, which many of us don’t. If u have to get off campus, Uber to a coffee shop. It's not ideal, but sometimes we need that little escape to maintain a healthy mental state. If there is a snow day, don’t snack all day. Get yourself some warm food even though the walk may be treacherous. And don’t forget to have fun with your friends. Put on a movie or make a music video!


There is so much you can do, just let your imagination guide you. You may wish you were home during these cold, raw days and not in a cramped dorm room, but these are the years you will never forget. Make this winter the best one yet and don't let mother nature hold you back.