The Start Of a New School Year: As Told By The Fab Five from Queer Eye

This summer I got OBSESSED with Netflix’s Queer Eye and binge-watched all four seasons in about a month. Aside from their amazing and iconic personalities, I also love how the Fab Five are able to be so positive, kind, and make such an incredible difference in someone’s life every episode.

So, I thought who would be better than to motivate us for this new school year than Bobby, Karamo, Tan, Antoni, and Jonathan?!?! (Answer: No One)

  • Your mom when she drops you off on move-in day:

  • However, your Dad on the other hand is more like...

  • Walking out of the door on the first day of classes with confidence like:

  • Getting used to having a backpack on your shoulders all the time again be like:

  • When you get to your first class of the semester and when the professor is done going over the syllabus, instead of letting you out early, they begin their first lecture: 

  • But when you go to another class and have that professor who lets you leave early after they finish going over the syllabus, you walk out the door like...

  • When you first get handed the syllabus and it is multiple pages, front and back, of what seems like a lot of work:

  • When you start to read the syllabus and see phrases such as “there is no extra credit offered in this class” and “no late work is accepted” 

  • When you hear those magic words... “I will drop the lowest test grade”: 

  • Getting used to having to wake up early and starting a routine again:

  • You to the professor when you realize CIT or your religious credit is going to be more work than you anticipated:

  • When you manage to show up to the correct classroom, on time, and with all the proper class materials:

  • When you ask a question and the professor tells the class to be quiet so everyone can hear you:

  • The first time you get a question/answer right during the semester just feels like:

  • And, even though it may be a little stressful at times, you walk into the school year with this attitude: