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SB2015 is among us, and we can’t wait to pack up our survival kit goodies. We wanted to come up with a creative way to properly thank our sponsors, so we put together a little tune that you may recognize… 

Look at this stuffIsn’t it neat?Wouldn’t you think our packing is complete?Wouldn’t you think we’re the girlsThe girls who have everything?


These kits are goldTreasures untoldHow many wonders can one survival kit hold?Looking at these pictures you thinkSure, they’ve got everything


We’ve got Chipotle cards and LUNA bars a-plentyWe’ve got Not Your Mother’s shampoo and conditioners galoreYou want Sabre pepper gels?We’ve got twenty!


Plenty to share

Spring Break must haves

We already want more


We wanna be where the people areWe wanna see, wanna see them reading’Reading Dirty Rush on – what do you call it?Oh – the beach!


Without The Intern’s Handbook, you don’t get too farThis book should be required for college gradsStrolling through a – what’s that word again?Sea of job hunters


But for now…


Up where they walk, up where they runUp where they stay all day in the sunWanderin’ free- we can’t wait to beon Spring Break ’15


What would we give if we could live away from the snow?What would we pay to spend a day warm on the sand?About one grand, bet’cha they understandBet they spent all summer savingBright young women who want to spend spring break swimmingReady to tan


And ready to know what the people knowAsk ’em questions and get some answersWhat is Completely Bare and where can we find it?In our Spring Break Survival Kits?


When’s it our turn?Wouldn’t we love, love to explore Florida’s shore?Out of the coldCan’t wait to bePart of that world….


Out of the cold

Spring Break 2015

Can’t wait to be

Part of that world



Hope you enjoyed our rendition of “Part of Your World” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid soundtrack! This spring break, we’re all going to feel like mermaids.


(Song lyrics found at: http://www.metrolyrics.com/part-of-your-world-the-little-mermaid-lyrics-jodi-benson.html)

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Colleen O'Melia

Sacred Heart

Colleen O'Melia is a senior at Sacred Heart University. She is an English major with a concentration in Writing. Aside from being the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Sacred Heart, she is President of Sacred Heart's Education Club, volunteers at a local schools, and mentors young students.
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