Spotlight: SHU's Study Abroad Programs

Though the Office of Global Affairs is not at all new to Sacred Heart, the programs and courses that are offered through our school are being constantly updated. SHU offers over 100 programs in 30 countries around the world, including 2 of our own global campuses. Most students don’t realize the variety of programs or courses that SHU offers abroad, so I took it into my own hands to interview and gain perspective of both Carrie Wojenski, Executive Director of Global Affairs, and Francesca Schenker, Assistant Director of Global Affairs, to provide more info on these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


What are the varying lengths of the programs offered abroad?

Carrie: Program lengths vary. Short-term programs range from 2-5 weeks.  Semester programs run between 4-5 months.  Occasionally, one-week programs are offered during spring break.  Students can study abroad on a short-term program from 2 to 6 weeks, a semester program, or even an academic year.

Francesca: Every program varies but all the program information can be found on the website. Many of our programs are semester long such as Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Greece, and more. Others, like a new fashion-marketing course in Paris, are two weeks in length.


What majors/courses will be offered at each of these programs/through partnering universities?

Carrie: Depending on the program you choose, you can start studying abroad as early as your freshman year and up to the first semester of your senior year.  Most of our programs offer a variety of content courses in English, so you can choose to take major/minor/gen-ed/elective courses abroad, or choose to study something completely new.

Francesca: Each program has a variety of different courses offered and some are better suited for certain majors. On our website, it is possible to do an ‘advanced program search’ and look for programs that offer courses in a certain discipline. We offer some programs that are language based, such as in China, France, or Spain, while others like John Cabot University in Italy is an American university which offers courses from business to humanities.

Note: SHU also offers non-credit programming abroad as well with International Service Learning and Clinical Services Programs.


What schools do each of these programs run through? What colleges abroad partner with SHU?

Carrie & Francesca:

Universities: Sacred Heart University, John Cabot University, Mary Immaculate College, Maynooth University, St. John’s University, University of Notre Dame Australia, University of Oslo and Webster University.

Program Providers: CIEE and EuroScholars

Consortium: CCIS

Note: One of the benefits of working with Webster is that they give each student $1000 towards their airfare, which is a great benefit! We also work with program providers, like CIEE, who have programs all over the world. We work specifically with certain CIEE programs in France, Spain, China, Germany, and Argentina.


When paying for tuition abroad, is it the same as paying SHU’s tuition? Are SHU scholarships applicable to these programs?


-You will pay regular Sacred Heart University undergraduate tuition plus a study abroad fee, which includes international insurance.  You will be billed directly by SHU for these fees.  With some programs, you will pay the housing and/or meals directly to the program abroad; with other programs, SHU can bill you directly. 

- If you attend a CCIS program you will be billed the tuition specified by CCIS plus a study abroad fee, which includes international insurance.  Specific program costs information is located on each program information page.  You will always be personally responsible for costs associated with airfare, immigration, and personal expenses.


Students are billed a part time, per credit undergraduate or graduate tuition rate, plus a study abroad fee.  With some programs, you will pay the housing and/or meals directly to the program abroad; with other programs, SHU can bill you directly. 


            - On average, all academic loans, scholarships, and grants that students receive are applicable for SHU and SHU-Affiliated semester programs.

            -   All programs have detailed budget sheets on our website

            - Three SHU short-term scholarships are offered (WCOB students, Honors students, and SHU in Dingle short-term programs.

            -  Also many other study abroad scholarships from outside organizations are listed on our website. (List of scholarships:


Francesca: When going on any semester program, all academic scholarships, loans, and grants apply. Tuition is the same for any semester program as it is here on campus. In other words, whether you go to Australia, Italy, or China for a semester, you will be paying the same tuition as you do at home.

What programs with SHU faculty have been added for the Summer 2016 section?

Carrie & Francesca:

Program name                                                                                                                        City/Country

Summer: Analysis of Comparative Health Care Systems                                                    Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Summer: Business in China                                                                                                   Multiple Cities, China

Summer: Fashion Brand Marketing in Paris                                                                         Paris, France 

Summer: Old World Baseball-International Sport Management and Culture                    Multiple Cities/Europe

Summer: The Classical World: Photography & the Living Document                                Athens, Greece

Summer: Tropical Geology and Ecology in Bermuda                                                          St. Georges, Bermuda

Summer: Community and Public Health- Comparative Health Systems in Cuba                Havana, Cuba

SHU in Dingle                                                                                                                          Dingle, Ireland

              ENG 258 Creative Writing Workshop in Ireland 

              PS252 Child Development 

              SO299 Gender and Sexuality in Modern Ireland

              THR Special Topics Irish Theatre in Dingle 

              EX299 Health and Fitness: an Irish Perspective 

              NU370 Nursing Leadership

              SM265 Sport Marketing 

SHU in Luxembourg                                                                                                           Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

             ENG201 Experiencing Literature: Water into Wine, or Fortified Feelings expressed in Literature

             BU299 Social Entrepreneurship

             AC222 Manangerial Accounting 

             PH299 Philosophy of War

             BU/ED/HS/SO299 Intercultural Communications

             MK299 Marketing to European Consumers


Check out some Instagram posts from fellow SHU students abroad in both Luxembourg and Dingle:

Image by SHU's own Allie Imhoff who went to Dingle over winter break, January 2016!

 Image by fellow SHU student Sarah Morovich who studied in Luxembourg in Spring 2015! 


When are applications due for each type of program?

Carrie: With our online application system, students apply the semester before they wish to go abroad.  Our office always advises students to apply/plan ahead as early as possible.


We have two deadlines for all applications: February 15th for all summer and fall applications and October 1st for all winter and spring applications.

Note: It is suggested that you prepare ahead of time and check online for each individual program timeline. For a full list of all programs, locations and applications, the best thing to do would be to go to the website: The site lists out each program, city, country, and area of the world in which we are associated. 


The adventure of a lifetime could start right in SHU’s own Office of Global Affairs, so what are you waiting for?


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Special thanks to Carrie, Francesca and The Office of Global Affairs.