Sophomore Living at SHU

Besides registering for classes for the first time, or trying to find an outfit for this Friday night that you haven’t already worn this year, it’s probably one of the most stressful decisions to make at the end of your freshman year: figuring out housing for your sophomore year at SHU. You’ve officially made your decision on where you’ll spend the next two semesters at SHU & who you’ll be enduring it all with. ~here’s a little preview for what’s in store~


Christian Witness Commons aka “North”:

North is one of the four options that rising sophomores have for housing for the next two semesters. This suite-style choice fits 12 students (6 doubles). As overwhelming as this may seem, it’s not as bad as it sounds. With 3 doubles on each side of the suite, you def get some space. The rooms are very spacious and ladies, the closets are HUGE. No need to worry about hanging four tops on the same hangers anymore. On the downside, North is known for strict RSA’s. Be careful, RSA’s have the ability to key into your suite right away **they check the common room in each suite during rounds** TIP: if you can’t make the trip to J-Hill for the pregame, all you need is a disco lights & a speaker in one of the bedrooms.

Scholars Commons aka “J-Hill”:

Scholars Commons…J-Hill…whatever you want to call it, we all know the reputation that these dorms have. If you’re looking for a place to pregame for the night -- this is the place to go. You’d be surprised how many people you can fit in the common room of these suites. J-Hill has it’s own little community in the back corner of campus that’s always looking for a good time. It may feel distant from the rest of campus but this location has its perks: a quick walk to the Pitt making it easy for athletes, but most importantly: it’s the closest dorm to the football tailgates, President’s Gala, and the spring concert.

Pioneer Gardens aka “PG”:

Pioneer Gardens, otherwise known as PG, is the dorm for you if you want to get away from all the chaos happening on campus. Although this parking lot is probably known for the most car accidents to occur on Sacred Heart Campus, this Res. Hall does have plenty of pros, with very few cons. Yes, PG is quite distant from main campus, although it gives you a sneak peek to what upperclassmen living entails. By picking this building, you have your greatest chance of having a single. PG truly lets you experience the highest degree of independent living as a sophomore.

Jorge Bergolio Hall aka “The Berg”:

As the newest addition of options for sophomore housing, this one has had the most hype in the past year. With a crossfit gym, game room, and the extremely spacious rooms & bathroom, who wouldn’t want to live here? The Berg is a perfect location for all business majors to live – you can easily drag yourself to that 8am accounting class when your hung over Friday morning. We still aren’t exactly sure whether this is a party dorm or not… I guess the you guys will be the ones to decide that!

Now that you know the inside scoop about the four Sophomore Residence Halls, good luck holding these reputations true, Class of 2020 … it’s time for you to set an official reputation for “The Berg”.