Roses are red, violets are blue…how did I get so lucky to have you? This Valentine’s Day, Her Campus Sacred Heart is dedicating our Snapshot section to the cutest of couples right here on our own campus! Try not to get too jealous after looking at all of these crazy adorable pictures!

Justin Pagan and Cj Sereno

Alyssa Pitre and Jonathan Grezeszczyk

Ashley Lanza and Alec Finney

Steven Lamorte and Brianna Baribault

TaMaric Wilson and Christina Rivas  

Katherine Paris and Cody Lerner

 Joe Meloni and Gabrielle Ranieri

An Islanders fan and a Bruins fan...who knew they could get along? 

 Matthew Pace and Geena Henthorn 

Giuseppe Delucia and Melissa Martin

Declan Lynch and Abigail Wooster

Jillian Kalberer and Michael Maxwell

Rob Cutrone and Jillian Labriola

Kelly Romano and Meagan Bonner

Lily Dipaola and Nick Bartoli

Tom D'Andrea and Maggie Bortner

Maribel Paredes and Sean Cahill

Marinna Desantis and Steven Masetti

(Dressed as the lovely Jessie James and Eric Decker!)

Brian Etheridge and Colleen O'Melia

 Anthony Altomaro and Morgan Debelle Duplan

Neelab Hussaini and Dominic Conte

Nick D'Angelo and Jess Fidler

Nicole Price and Jonathan Jacovino (THEY'RE ENGAGED!!!! Wedding date is set for 7-7-2017)

Sarah Klaum and Nick Patino

Mikey Nunez and Stephanie Dossopoulos

Jenna Dorme and Tavon Bookman

Vinh Vu and Taylor Alves

Erin Dugan and Zachary Lane

Garrett Wadsworth and Holly Maggio

Luis Davila and Danielle De Monte (They have been dating over FIVE years!)


Thank you all for your lovely submissions! Happy Valentine's Day from Her Campus Sacred Heart to you<3