Preparing to Study Abroad: Making your Last Few Days at SHU Count

Before you kiss Linda’s quesadillas good bye for five months, there’s some things you have to do! You won’t be with a majority of your school friends for longer than just the winter break. You have to go from living, eating, sleeping and doing everything with these people to not being with them for the next six months. That’s a huge adjustment! Here’s some things to check off your list before you go to make sure you’re living life to the fullest before leaving the city of dreams.


Do the Little Things

Eat at each dining hall once more. As sick of it as you may be now, you’ll miss the eggs from 63’s. Go grab one (or two) last milkshakes from JP’s with your pals as part of a study break. Attend that cute de-stress SET event with your roomies, you’ll miss making crafts with them while you’re gone! Go to one last sports game to support the Pios and enjoy it as much as you can to hold you over until next August.

Don’t Procrastinate

Get all of your papers and assignments out of the way early so you can have time to relax and hangout with your friends! The last thing you want to do is be stressed in the library before you pack up your whole dorm room and leave SHU for months. Make studying fun! It’s the last time you and your friends can stress together and keep each other in check! Get some snacks, rent a library room and hit those books!



Most importantly, enjoy the time you have left and get excited for what is ahead. The things in store for you these next few months are going to make up some of the best times of your life. The possibilities are endless! Good luck on finals and have a happy and healthy holiday season! And of course, happy traveling!