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I feel like it’s super common for a lot of people who feel stuck to be constantly chasing the idea of happiness, but never actually feel they achieve what they are looking for. While there are obviously a large range of factors that play into one’s emotions, and no one ever remains truly happy consistently and forever, here are some foolproof ways to kickstart your happiness, and start taking control of your own life!

  1. Allow yourself to learn from others

This encourages a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset, which lets in creativity, confidence, and curiosity, rather than doubt, angst, and stress. We don’t know everything, and that’s perfectly okay! Don’t feel like you need to go searching for new things to learn, either. Sometimes they’ll just come to you without even realizing! 

  1. Use social media in a healthy way

I strongly encourage you to unfollow influencers, celebrities, toxic individuals, and anyone else you believe falls under similar categories. If seeing their content doesn’t inspire you, relate to your life personally, or appear authentic, they are taking away from your precious energy and time, which can be much better used doing something that would benefit your well-being. 

  1. Treat yourself how you would want to be treated by others

As you may or may not have heard before, we treat people how to treat us, by how we treat ourselves. Find how to respect yourself by spending time alone—create boundaries, prioritize self-care and your own needs. This will put us in alignment with our feelings and make us more inclined to recognize our value, worth, and importance. This respect we have will carry out into our relationships, and others will also be able to recognize our value, worth, and importance!

  1. Focus on what IS rather than what was or what could be

Generally speaking, worrying only leads to anxiety, and if what you’re worrying about doesn’t happen, then why did you worry? And if it does happen… you only stressed twice. Start to let go of “what ifs” and start saying “even if”. Focus on the facts, what you know for SURE… if you learn things later on, then that’s okay! At the time you were only focusing on the information that you had available to you. All you can do is your best in each moment!

  1. Create a YES you CAN mentality

You are only limited to what your mind tells you what you can and can’t do. Remember that it’s okay to challenge yourself, feel uncomfortable in new situations, and start something new before you feel completely ready. Just because an idea you have is “scary” doesn’t mean you aren’t capable. Everyone has a talent of their own worth sharing, I challenge you to find your own and share it with the world!

These ideas are simply just habits. Understand that creating habits takes time, so be gentle with yourself on this journey, and don’t give up on yourself easily. These ideas are meant to encourage you to start loving yourself (or love yourself MORE), which will ultimately make your life “happier”. But, this also holds the understanding that happiness has multiple aspects: joy, gratitude, understanding, forgiveness, ect… Just because each situation, day, or week may not necessarily be happy, there is always something to gain and learn– and knowing that, I am happy!

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Emily Zizzadoro

Sacred Heart '22

Sacred Heart University, Class of 2022 College of Health Professions, Exercise Science Major/ Psychology Minor Chi Omega Fraternity, Recruitment Chair Host of The Uncensored Self Podcast
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