In the Heights: A Company, A Community

A theatre company is essentially everyone involved in a show, from the main actors to the director.  In many cases, these different people form something of a community with one another as oftentimes only other members of their company will know or understand what they’re going through as they prepare to give the performance of a lifetime.  This is especially true of the company of Sacred Heart University’s production of In the Heights. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first show follows a tight-knit and diverse group of people in Washington Heights as they struggle with major changes to their community. In order to help build this sense of community, the company embarked on several bonding projects and activities.   

On Friday, February 16th, members of the cast visited the Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County on karaoke night.  The purpose of this visit was twofold. First off, all those in attendance were able to get some firsthand experience of Hispanic culture, something they might not have been able to see otherwise. This was important as most of the characters in In the Heights are of Hispanic heritage so immersing themselves, however briefly, in that culture can definitely inspire more authentic performances. Second of all, it turned into an advertising opportunity as the cast were able to perform one of the numbers from the show. 

 In collaboration with the production, a fundraising campaign has also been organized to help with hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. The campaign, aptly titled ‘Taking Love to New Heights’, has raised $1,800 at this time of writing. I would strongly encourage you to consider donating to this worthy cause. The goal is to raise $10,000 by April 16th. You can donate towards the campaign here.    

In the Heights is directed by Jerry Goehring, assistant directed by senior Pat Robinson and sophomore Hannah Jones, and stage-managed by senior Christine Seppala. It features musical direction by Leo Carusone and choreography by Simone DePaolo.  In the Heights is produced by sophomores Andrew Patino and Justin Weigel. The show will run from Thursday, April 12th until Sunday, April 15th at the Edgerton Center for Performing Arts. As with previous shows, the performances on Thursday through Saturday will begin at 8 PM while the Sunday show will begin at 3 PM. Visit as soon as possible to book your tickets for this wonderful show!