A Guide to Eating Off-Campus

In comparison to a lot of other schools out there, SHU Dining has been pretty on top of their game in feeding perpetually hungry college kids. With new stations and dining location constantly opening up around campus, the variety of things to eat just keeps growing. However, as convenient as it is to eat on-campus, there are days when Linda’s quesadillas just won’t cut it. Here are a few places close to SHU to try out when you’re looking to venture into non-meal plan territory.




1. Tasty Yolk:

Located less than a mile down Park Avenue from main campus, the Tasty Yolk food truck offers a great variety of breakfast sandwiches.

2. UCBC:

If you’re trying to switch it up from Einstein’s, UCBC offers a great selection of bagels, smoothies and coffee.

3. The Granola Bar:

This highly Instagrammable restaurant is perfect for a sit-down good-for-you meal with your bestie(s).

4. Playa Bowls:

This cute spot in downtown Fairfield has an endless variety of bowls and smoothies to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy and delicious way.




1. Romanacci:

This Italian restaurant has become a cult-favorite among SHU students. Apart from classic offerings of pizza and pasta, I highly recommend their garlic aioli truffle fries (my housemate and I have a serious addiction).

2. Best Edibles:

Best Ed’s has a great selection of wraps and sandwiches for when you have a short break in between classes to grab lunch.

3. Plan B Burger:

A solid choice for when you’re craving a hearty burger, this place is definitely a far cry from a backup plan.


All-Day Classic:


Chip’s Family Restaurant:

For any time of day or night, Chip’s is your go-to diner when JP’s gets old.


While a meal plan can really ease the hassle of eating at college, these spots near SHU are great options for when you just need to treat yourself and eat out!