Erin Vimini

Name: Erin Ashley Vimini

Year: Junior

Hometown: Stratford, Connecticut

Major: English with a concentration in writing, and I am also in the Five Year Education Program with hope of becoming a teacher in the future.

Relationship Status: Single



Color: Green

Singer: Sam Hunt

Food: Pancakes

Drink: Strawberry lemonade

Movie: Transformers (1 and 2)

Date spot: I like outdoor activities, so my ideal date would be going on a hike.  




Tell us about yourself! What’s your post-college plan?

After I graduate in May of 2016, I will have another year to go at Sacred Heart because I am in the Five Year Education Program here. However, after I graduate, I plan on finding a teaching job and enjoying my last summer before I enter the “real world.”


What are you involved with on campus?

I just started to get involved this year, and I am now a writer for Her Campus!


What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

In 2015, I look forward to going to Italy with my family during the summer. We’ve been planning a trip to Europe for a while so hopefully it works out!


Who’s your current man crush?

My current man crush would have to be Charlie Hunnam (aka Jax Teller, from Sons of Anarchy).


Do you have any pet peeves?

1.     Misuse of “you’re” and “your”

2.     A pessimistic attitude