The End of the Semester As Told by New Girl

It’s crazy that we’ve already come to the end of the spring semester. It’s probably been said way too many times at this point, but this whole year really just flew by. And as much as we’re all impatiently waiting for summer (I know I am!), we still have the last few weeks to get through. In loving memory of one of my favorite shows, I thought I would use New Girl to capture my thoughts and feelings going into this final stretch of the semester.


While it would be wise to wipe away all distractions and really get into ~grind mode~ at this time, it’s always easier said than done. These days, my daily routine consists of freaking out and complaining about all the work I have to do for significantly more time than I spend actually getting any of it done.



These past few weeks, it feels as if all my professors have jointly plotted towards my demise with the amount of homework, presentation deadlines, pre-final exams and assignments that have been thrown at me all at once. It’s only a matter of time before I push my pride aside and rush to office hours begging for help with turning my grades around.



Not to mention, the awkward placement of Easter break has definitely thrown off my schedule. What I thought was going to be a relaxing time spent with family has turned into an anti-social experience of shutting myself in my room to try and successfully finish all of my pending work.



Further, as the reigning queen of procrastination, my drive to succeed doesn’t always match up with a productive use of my time. For every Blackboard discussion board post comes a reward of one episode of throwback Nickelodeon (Drake & Josh will forever have my heart). I live to regret it in the end, but it's going to take a lot more poor decisions to convince me to stop procrastinating for good. 



Nevertheless, as much as it’s a struggle to reach a place of aligned motivation and action, it’s always rewarding to finally get into the zone and get my work done. Nothing beats putting in hard work, effort and determination into all my tasks and then feeling accomplished and proud of my results in the end.



And if that’s not enough reward, the best time of year is finally around the corner. You bet I’ll be thinking of summer from now on right until it becomes a reality once I finish my last final.