Campus Celebrity: PRSSA Club

Campus Celebrity: PRSSA Club

President: Jennifer Bauch

Year: Senior

Hometown: Stony Brook, New York

Major: Public Relations and Advertising

What made you decide to join the PRSSA club?

Before this club was the PRSSA, we were originally the SHU Public Relations club. My sophomore year, I decided to join the club to learn more about PR and to see if this was a career I would potentially want to pursue after graduation. Once I found out that there was going to be a national PR organization here at SHU, I wanted to continue my involvement, so I became a founding member.


When was this club formed? What’s the history behind it?

The SHU PR club was formed in Fall 2013 then officially became the SHU PRSSA in Fall 2015. Just like all clubs, we were off to a slow start. Once we established ourselves as the PRSSA, membership and interest in the club increased as well as project opportunities on campus.


What roles do you play in this club and in other activities on campus?

As president of the PRSSA, I plan and organize meetings as well as oversee all current and upcoming projects that are planned. Aside from being president, I am an active member of the club and a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. 

How has your involvement in the club affected your life here at SHU?

My involvement in this club has given me another reason to not want to graduate this May. I have met so many amazing and talented students that I might not have met otherwise if not for this club. It has had such a positive impact on my last semester here and I hope it impacts other members the same way.


How does the PRSSA club get involved on campus?

Our club has become more involved on campus over the last few months. Members of the club reach out to other organizations on campus to help promote upcoming events or to see if they may have any other public relations needs. While we reach out to clubs and organizations, they are welcomed to reach out to us as well!

Is there anything you want students to know about the PRSSA club?

This club is not just for communication, media arts, or business majors! Students of all majors are welcomed and encouraged to join.


How will this club help with your future plans in Public Relations?

This club has prepared me and given me the confidence to pursue a career in PR. I have learned so much about the field and even more about my own skills and capabilities. It might sound crazy, but I am looking forward to finding a full time job after graduation because of how much I love public relations.


What does the PRSSA club mean to you?

Since my sophomore year, I have contributed to the growth and transformation of this club. It has become such an important aspect of my time here at Sacred Heart and one of the main reasons why I am pursuing a career in this field.


Why should students join the PRSSA club?

This club is more than just public relations. It’s about learning communication skills, finding your creative side, and thinking outside the box. Both the supportiveness of each member and the positive atmosphere of our club makes each meeting something to look forward to.