8 Thoughts You Have When You're in the Ryan Matura Library

We're all guilty of getting distracted in the SHU library by thinking of things that won’t help us pass our exams.

1. How can I become a librarian? Have you ever wondered what librarians majored in, in college? I don’t know, the job seems low key fun.

2. Honestly, I’m dropping out. We’ve all had a couple breakdowns in the library. 

3. Professor, don’t even think about giving me an “S” for satisfactory grade. Am I just supposed to guess what my grade is? Thank you for making my midterm grade as hard to find as figuring out the answers to your tests!

4. Am I studying out loud right now? ~When you’re so into studying you don’t know if you’re reading it out loud or not~

5. What if there’s more than one right answer in the library question of the week? Do they just pick out of hat? Because I’ve definitely gotten a question or two right and received nothing.

6. I can’t concentrate, but I’m scared to go to the quiet floor. Everyone gets distracted in the library, but the upstairs quiet area is haunted. I’d rather be distracted than be possessed.


7. This printing process is a hassle. If you're ever in a pinch to print last minute, take the zero or be 15 minutes late to class. 


8. Maybe I would be better off studying in a study room…

Although we all love the Ryan Matura library, we all are guilty of having these common thoughts. It’s only natural to get preoccupied with a million different thoughts, even though we come to the library for one simple task: to study.

Good luck in there!