8 Essential Dorm Room Hacks to Keep You Organized

Feeling like your dorm room is too small? Is is filled with clutter? Do you not feel at home when you walk in? If any of these sound like you, then you're in luck! Here are 8 ways to help you stay organized this semester, and make your room feel like your own!

1. ) Is the morning light waking you up, but you don’t have the space for long curtains? Here’s the solution!

Go to a nearby store and buy two tension rods. Put one tension rod through the curtain rings and place it at the level you would like. Then, take the second rod and stick it through the curtains seam to put behind, now it will fit your window without you worrying about it getting in the way!


2.) Snacking a lot in your room? Create a “snack bar” area!

To do this, my roommate and I separated our desks wide enough to fit a rolling bin in between. Each bin has different food categories- breakfast, salty, and sweet. On top we put paper towels, Keurig cups, along with honey and sugar; and on the corner of the desk we placed a utensil holder, napkins, and the Keurig. By putting it all in one area, it emulates that of a mini kitchen in your dorm room, and overall creates less clutter. (I also don't use my desk so I placed my hamper in the empty space so that it's out of the way!)



3.) Organize your shoes and hide them underneath your bed!

Like a lot of girls, I own a lot of shoes; and for the life of me, I didn’t know where to put them when I got to school. My solution was to get a shoe rack. I went online and ordered it, and then lofted my bed to maximize the space of the room. Underneath my bed I put my shoes, purse, and dresser. To hide all of this and make the room look a little neater, I used a tapestry. I folded it in half to hide what was behind it, and it even makes the room a little more vibrant!


4.) Maximize storage and clear out clutter by designating boxes for different items.

Each box fits easily between the bed and closet, and are closed off on the top for stacking purposes. The one on the left of the picture holds all laundry products, and the one on the right holds video game consoles. I also bought a “beauty box” that sits on my dresser that has any product I may need. From nail polish, to lotion, to a mini sewing kit- having it set with a mirror and makeup bag keeps it all in one place and organized.


5.) Designate an area for styling tools. 

Going off of the makeup/beauty products idea, I also designated an area for hair styling tools. I mounted a command hook on the side of the desk for easy access, and it's also a great idea for neat and tidy storage.


6.) Utilize space by mounting power strips to the wall.

Using command strips to mount your power strips to the wall allows for more accessibility to outlets, and all the while utilizing extra space on your wall. This will de-clutter your floor, and will open up your space. In the first picture, I also used command hooks that were originally for lights to keep chargers from falling while in bed. It keeps the cords organized and stops them from falling onto the desk when they are not in use. Above the power strip in the second picture is a whiteboard that allows me to focus on one week at a time to keep on top of my tasks!


7.) Set up a drawer organizer.

A drawer organizer keeps everything in place, as well as makes your mornings a bit easier when getting ready. I use this drawer for socks and scarfs. They can be bought in stores like Walmart or Target.


8.) Invest in a jewelry organizer that hangs in your closet.

I bought this a few years ago but it has come in handy while at school! Rather than take up space on my desk to hold jewelry- this slip fits in the closet and takes up little to no room! I also keep hats and belts on it so accessorizing is a breeze; and you can see exactly where everything is.

So there you have it- 8 essential room hacks that will keep you neat all year long. Happy organizing!