5 Reasons Why Every Dorm Room Needs an Oil Diffuser

This past weekend my roommate and I picked up an oil diffuser from Target and we love it to say the least. We decided to grab one because we had both been suffering from headaches and had heard it could possibly help. Not only have we both been feeling better, but we have noticed some other considerable changes following the purchase of this diffuser. Here are 5 reasons why every dorm room should have an oil diffuser. 

1) They Smell Amazing 

Essential oil diffusers are unquestionably known to smell marvelous, and I can now attest to this. Our room smells amazing. All too often dorm rooms can feel and smell stuffy; however, adding a diffuser to our room has completely changed this. The smell is different and in my opinion better than scents given off by candles because it is not too overpowering, it is subtle. The air in our room smells very fresh, clean and natural! 

2) Assists in Sleep and Relaxation 

It is scientifically proven that certain essential oils can help with sleep and relaxation; this has been the case with my personal experience. Apparently, certain oils trigger the release of the hormones, serotonin, and dopamine, which promote restful and uninterrupted sleep. Oils that can assist in sleep and relaxation include: lavender, sandalwood and bergamot. So far, of these three, my roommate and I have only tested lavender, but we do notice we sleep better the nights that we use the lavender. It can sometimes prove difficult to get a good night's sleep while living in dorm halls because there are alot of people around and it can be fairly noisy. Upon purchasing an oil diffuser, my roommate and I have adopted the lavender essential oil to our nightly routine. We start diffusing the oil a few hours before bed time and leave it to shut itself off during the night (ours only runs for approximately 4-5 hours). It helps us to relax and unwind before bed and I have personally found I have an easier time falling asleep. I would recommend lavender to anyone who finds it difficult to get a good night's sleep! 

3) Improves your Mood 

While some scents evidently have the power to assist in sleep and relaxation, others have the ability to brighten your mood if you are feeling down. When my roommate and I were purchasing different oils in Target, there was an overwhelmingly large selection.

Though, we noticed a section of oils that were named after different feelings/emotions. We decided to try out “happiness” and “purity” Apparently, citrus oils are especially known for having the ability to uplift your mood. Both of these oils contain hints of citrus, amongst other things. I do not know if it is just because these oils smell so good, or if they actually have the ability to make me happier, but I do find myself being in a better mood whenever we have our oil diffuser on. I feel more awake and less irritable, particularly when we use “happiness” and “purity”. I also find myself wanting to do more work in my room! 

4) Feel Better 

My roommate and I originally made this purchase because we were suffering from headaches and we were feeling stuffy. We simply found ourselves feeling sick all too often. Before getting the diffuser we tested out a variety of products designed to help with headaches, including roll on essential oils that you put on your wrists and temples. These products helped, but only for a short amount of time. We have already noticed a big change in the way we feel since getting a diffuser, and it has only been a week! Inhaling essential oils is said to help reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract and eliminate coughs and colds, so you are able to breathe easier and not feel stuffy. Additionally, essential oils are not only said to reduce headaches, but they aid in joint and muscle pain as well. Though, if you are suffering from headaches, some oils to try out include: lavender, peppermint, lemon, palo santo, tea tree, and eucalyptus. (personally, I have found peppermint and lavender to be the most helpful!)

5) Repels Insects 

Finally, essential oils help to repel insects! Luckily, I have not had an insect problem in my suite and I hope I never do; however, it is a big comfort to know that this diffuser will also help to keep the bugs away. I am terrified of bugs so I am hoping that if any bugs do decide to pay my suite a visit, that this diffuser will keep them far away from my bedroom!

Needless to say, I really love oil diffusers and cannot wait to try out even more oils! I think every college dorm room would benefit from having one. 

Disclaimer: Some essential oils can be dangerous to pets, so make sure to do your research before purchasing an oil diffuser if you have an animal!!!