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5 Easy Houseplants to Start Your Journey As A Plant Mom

If you’re anything like me, the idea of having fresh, beautiful plants in your living space is always a good idea. But when I first started on my plant journey, I bought a lot of plants that I didn’t know how to take care of, and sadly a lot of them died. To save you that trial and error, here are some of my favorite houseplants that I’ve found to be the easiest to care for!! 

The Snake Plant

Snake plants are a perfect addition or beginning plant for you! They are low light tolerable, meaning you can really place them anywhere in your home and they won’t fuss. You can also forget to water them for days, even a week or two at a time, and they won’t die! SO easy :)


Pothos is another great starter plant. There’s multiple variations of pothos that will thrive in high or low light, so you can pick whatever is more suitable for your living space. It’s also SO pretty and the growth is really exciting to see. 


This plant, commonly referred to as a Wandering Jew, is a gorgeous, tolerant houseplant that has beautiful purple leaves. It’s a climbing plant, so it grows really long and can be a really dramatic plant after it’s grown out quite a bit. This is another plant that you can forget to water every now and then, and it still will look vibrant and healthy! 

ZZ Plant

Also known as that Zanzibar Gem, this one is a simple, dry plant that doesn’t need much attention at all. As a matter of fact, my ZZ has been sitting in my room essentially untouched with the exception of occasional watering. It’s so easy and beautiful! Whenever new leaves form it’s always a really good feeling.


Last but not least is perhaps the more obvious choice, succulents! These plants are small and thrive on dry soil, making them ideal for the forgetful. There are a variety of beautiful colors and shapes for succulents, making them a very versatile and fun plant type to have around.

I hope this advice helped you in deciding what your first or next plant should be! Good luck on your plant journey and try not to feel bad if things don’t always work out with your first few plants – it’s all a learning and loving process. There’s truly nothing better than seeing new growth on a plant that you’ve just taken home, I promise the wait is rewarding! 

Happy planting!  

Hope Lecours

Sacred Heart '21

Hey! I'm Hope, and I'm a senior at SHU! I love the beach, being with my friends, and being in nature. So nice to meet you!