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4 Recipes that Prove The Best Way to Cope During Quarantine is Through Food

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

Living in these unprecedented times has been a huge adjustment for everyone. There has been a drastic shift in our daily lives that will have a lasting impact on society as a whole. Given this situation, there has been a widespread feeling of uncertainty and that we have no control of our current situations and our future. As someone who thrives off keeping busy and feeling in control, I struggled with this initial adjustment. In the face of my senior year coming to an abrupt end, I began searching for coping mechanisms to calm my nerves. I quickly discovered that my favorite way to cope and keep busy was in the kitchen. I have always had an affinity for cooking, but during quarantine I fell more in love with it than ever. Cooking is an efficient coping mechanism for two reasons: 1. The rewarding feeling that you have just created something of your own. 2. Being able to use what you created to share joy and comfort with whoever you are quarantining with. Below I have linked my favorite recipes that I have been making to bring peace of mind to myself and those around me.


Half Baked Harvest Chicken Tacos

These are absolutely delicious, juicy, and crispy tacos that are fairly easy to make. Most of the ingredients were already in my pantry (and may already be in yours) which is always a bonus, but especially valuable in these times in case you are avoiding going out to the store. My little quranteam absolutely loves these, and even gave them the nickname of “grown up taquitos” which I have to agree with! 

Fusiontempura And Shrimp Tacos
Tiffany Meh / Spoon


Foods of Jane Vodka Sauce

If you’re anything like me you might have been finding comfort in carbo-loading. I have always been a huge pasta fan and this particular sauce peaks my interest; being it is quick, simple to make, and only requires 4 ingredients.  

Peanut Noodle Salad
Alex Frank / Spoon


Half Baked Harvest Creamy Lemony Orzo

This rich silky orzo is equilvent to eating a giant bowl of comfort. I love how fragrant this dish is while cooking; I thoroughly enjoy making this one and watching all of the ingredients come together. Also, those around me are a fan of this recipe, it’s a crowd pleaser and very filling overall. This recipe is also clean-up friendly, as it only uses one skillet!

two shelves stacked with plates and bowls of a variety of colors
Brooke Lark | Unsplash


Twisted’s Creamy Tuscan Mac and Cheese

I am once again putting comfort food on this list because that’s what it’s all about. Considering we can’t travel at all right now, we let our taste buds do the exploring for us with this Tuscan Mac. I could lie to you and say the veggies in this dish make it healthy, but they really just add a ton of flavor to this rich and creamy dish that I fell in love with.

Kraft Mac N Cheese
Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

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