3 Fun Activities to do Over the Winter Break

It’s that time of year again where we are all cramming for finals and yearning to be with our friends and families for the holidays. With winter break just around the corner, it is finally time to get excited about being home for the holidays. During this break, there is a month to have some adventure at home before going back to school. Here are some fun ways to spend your free time while enjoying the winter!


1. Tree at Rockefeller Center


The Rockefeller Tree is always an amazing attraction during Christmas time. The lighting is incredible and it is a huge scenic area in New York. With this activity, you can make a city day trip with your friends and tour NYC with all the holiday attractions. Plus, these are great photo opportunities that can last forever.


2. Cozy Coffee Shops


If there is one thing I love about winter, it is drinking warm coffee in a cute coffee shop and watching the outdoors. Coffee is an essential every season, but something about drinking coffee in a shop makes the experience ten times more enjoyable. If you don’t like coffee, hot chocolate or tea is perfect to enjoy with friends as well.


3. Outdoor Ice Skating


Ice skating is definitely an acquired skill. But, in the winter time, ice skating in a designated outdoor area is an experience. It almost seems movie like, and a cute activity to do with friends during winter break. Many laughs and falls will be had during this activity, but it is all for memories and a good laugh.

No matter where you live, these activities are great breaks in the day to create memories and to share a laugh with good friends.