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12 Thoughts You Have During Registration

Everyone HATES registration. Your time slot most likely falls in the middle of class time and, better yet, it's most likely on the last possible day. If you understand the pain of reorganizing your schedule twenty times after registrar informs you that one class you needed has reached capacity, this article was made for you.


1. Wait. Didn’t I just do this?


2.  Why is my registration time and date so late? I register November ninth at 1:30 pm and seniors register November fifth? Nice.


3. Well, now I need, like, 10 back up schedules...


4. If I don’t get into the classes I need, I’m screwed.


5. Crap. I still have to meet with my advisor...and I am in class during his office hours. Lovely.


6. Please, please, please no 8 am classes. PLEASE REGISTRAR. I promise I've been good this year.


7. The professor is TBA? If he/she has bad reviews on Rate My Professor, I’m dropping the class.


8. EVERYONE has to take this class. Why are there only two sections?


9. Three spots left...two spots left…one spot left…and now I'm crying.


10. Five minutes until my registration time, yet it feels like an eternity. 




12. Thank God it’s over.


Happy registration, everyone!

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Victoria Caputo is a junior at Sacred Heart University. She is an English Major with a double minor in Creative Writing and Graphic Design studying as a graduate student in the Elementary Education program. She is a co-chair of Relay for Life, the founder and President of To Write Love on Her Arms, and the newly appointed Treasurer of SHU's Her Campus Chapter!
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