The 10 Most Romantic Things to do in the Winter


The 10 Most Romantic Things To Do In The Winter


#1. NYC 

It is every girl’s dream for the boy they like to offer to take them to New York City in the wintertime.  New York City is one of the most magical places during the holidays, and despite the cold weather, there is always something to do.  The number one most romantic thing would definitely be ice skating together at Rockafeller center, followed by seeing the famous, beautiful tree and getting your first Christmas tree photo alongside your significant other.  A nice dinner for two at a restaurant nearby would be perfect to top off the night.


#2. Ski Trip

An ideal romantic getaway would be a trip to a cute log cabin for some skiing and snow tubing.  When it snows, it automatically becomes a joyous experience and it is even better if you are in the company of the one whom you most enjoy spending your time with. 


#3. Movies and Hot Chocolate

One of the most perfect things to do during the wintertime is to stay inside, make hot chocolate together, and watch a Christmas movie (preferably one from ABC family’s 25 days of Christmas!) to get in the spirit.  You can cuddle up and be nice and warm together.


#4. Sledding

Although sledding isn’t the most glamorous of activities, it can still be fun and romantic.  It is a bonding experience and can bring back great memories from your childhood, as well as create new memories with your boyfriend.  You can get on a sled together or race each other down the hill. 


#5. Hanging out by the fire

You can have him make a fire for you guys to enjoy together.  Bury yourself in blankets and include your family as well.  You guys can all talk together, maybe look at some old photo albums and simply enjoy each other’s company without worrying about electronics, sort of an old-school type date. 


#6. Couple’s Massage

While this is romantic during any time of the year, it is extra special in the winter because you can take time to get away from the cold weather and really forget your worries and relax.  


#7.  Getting Snowed In!

Spend the day inside together if you are snowed in.  There is some sort of comfort in the idea of being snowed in together, even if you lose power because at least you have each other! You can even pretend you are a kid again and build a fort or something.  You will find ways to keep each other busy.  You can even help put ornaments on the tree or decorate the house together.   


#8. Christmas Drive

Go on a drive and look at various people’s Christmas light decorations.  Some people go crazy during the winter season with their lights and blow-up Santa Claus’ on their lawn.  You can drive around with your boyfriend, with the heat blasting and enjoy each other’s company while observing everyone else getting into the spirit.  Find the top 5 best decorated houses.


#9.  Baking together

 There are plenty of winter baking traditions that you can participate in as a couple.  Things such as gingerbread men and houses, making cookies using winter-inspired cookie cutters, or red velvet cake/cupcakes would be a nice idea.


#10.  Christmas Shopping

Do your Christmas shopping together. Hit the mall with your partner and enjoy the various mall decorations and seeing all the people in line to see Santa.  You can get a second opinion on all the gifts you plan on purchasing for your families.  Maybe if you’re lucky your boyfriend will treat you and buy you something special.