The Top 5 Reasons to Join Her Campus at Sacramento State

Her Campus at Sacramento State is a great opportunity for students who want be more involved in their campus community, learn more about working at an online publication and discovering different ways to express their creativity through writing, event planning or social media. I first learned about Her Campus through an online Facebook ad. I saw they were doing a #HerConference event in NYC featuring entrepreneurs, bloggers, media influencers, and so much more. After researching more about this conference focusing on career development for college women, of course I had to fly to NYC to check it out. It was definitely worth the five-hour flight. I finally felt ready to enter the marketing world and inspired to work in a new direction with the help from Her Campus. After arriving back to Cali, I received the opportunity to launch a Her Campus Chapter at Sacramento State. Because I felt so inspired from Her Conference, I wanted to bring these opportunities to my campus community.

Here are the top 5 reasons to join Her Campus at Sacramento State:

1. No GPA Requirement

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There is not a GPA requirement to join Her Campus! We believe our members are talented beyond mere traditional academic curriculums. We do encourage our members to be in good academic standing with Sacramento State University’s educational requirements so you are not limited to participate in academic organizations. 

2. Stay Connected with Our Campus Community

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Do you want to be involved, but don’t know how or where to start? Her Campus is another way for students to be involved in so many different ways You can get involved with planning events, creating social media campaigns, recruiting members or finding new ways to share Her Campus with Sacramento State. The writing team will focus on featuring notable alumni, faculty staff, or active students at Sacramento State involved in other organizations. This is great for students who want to do more without a huge commitment. We are always looking for writers, event planners or social media gurus that want to be involved with our campus community. Creativity is always welcomed!

3. Build Professional Skills for Your Resume and Cover Letter

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If you are looking to invest in your career, Her Campus is a great place to start. We will help you find your passions, connect you with your career interests and advise you throughout the application process. We want to help you wow the interviewers and help you get all your materials ready to demonstrate why you are the best fit for the position. Her Campus is great for any student who wants to learn how to work in a team, meet assigned deadlines, develop stronger skills in editorial writing, make connections with each other and work together on innovative projects.   

4. No Major is Required to Join

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All current students from Sacramento State are more than welcomed to be a part of our Her Campus Chapter. We accept all students who have a passion for Her Campus, creativity, writing, brand partnerships, social media, and for those who want to have fun while showcasing the awesomeness of our campus. Not sure if you like social media, but want to try learning the different platforms and tools? Or you don’t have good writing skills, but always wanted to improve? Perfect! Come join and we will be there to teach you!

5. Being Involved with the Future of Her Campus

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Her Campus has different ways for college career driven students to be involved through multiple programs. Her Campus is recognized as the #1 new-media for empowered college women and has content supplemented by 350 local campus chapters nationwide. It is a great way to make lifelong friends from different places and to support the ideas of the student body by creating workshop classes, guest speaker events and social mixers. The most important thing is to have fun and Her Campus can help be your guide to the ultimate college experience.

For more information about Her Campus at Sacramento State and how you can be involved, visit our website or email for any questions.