Testimonial: Struggling in Classes is Worth the Reward

Where did the time go? It’s already halfway through the semester. It's the time where many of our professors are giving us a ton of assignments, exams and not to forget it's the holiday season. It's a stressful time of year so please don’t forget to take care of yourself. 

Recently, I have been feeling discouraged because of my chemistry class. It is a tough course and it's basically a part-time job, on top of that the lab is pretty difficult. I was thinking about my current experience in chemistry and I am one of the few people that finishes lab fast. I remember crying the other day because I felt like an idiot and not smart enough to pursue science. 

It really sucks when you doubt yourself and think you aren’t good enough. This past Saturday, I volunteered at the Expanding Your Horizons conference with other members of the Women in STEM club. It is a conference in which middle school girls come to Sac State and learn about STEM and STEM-related fields. It made me want to go into STEM even more and I felt even more motivated to finish stronger than when I started. It was an amazing opportunity to see young girls just as passionate about STEM and wanting to pursue those fields. 

After reflecting upon my chemistry lab, I came to the conclusion that I am going to take my time and I don’t care anymore if I finish last. I think the main reason I was upset about finishing last was because of what others will think of me. Will they think I am not smart enough? It sucks that I cared about their opinions and perceptions of me. I feel empowered and motivated to continue my path and no one can come in between medicine and I. There needs to be more women of color in STEM and I am not letting one chemistry lab class bring me down. Not now and not ever. 

It is common to struggle in your courses and sometimes it is hard to ask for help. Sometimes you might not know who to ask and what questions to ask. But remember that it is okay to struggle. Your struggles are not an indicator of failure. Also, remember to take care of yourself and you got this girl. Let them underestimate you and let your success speak for itself. Also, don’t get discouraged because of one class because you are way too strong to give up.