Resources to Check out During Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Illness Awareness Week is coming up at Sacramento State and it begins on Sunday, October 6, with World Mental Health Day being on October 10th. Suffering from mental illness is more common in adults than you might think. One in 5 adults faces a mental health illness, and suicide is the second leading cause of death for adults.

At Sacramento State, there are many different kinds of resources for students to seek help. Sacramento State aims to facilitate a conversation regarding mental health, to create a space for students to feel welcome and supported and to seek help when needed. Here are some resources for students at Sacramento State that are free to students.

  1. 1. Urgent Care Counselor

    At Sacramento State students are allowed to visit the urgent care counselor without an appointment. You can walk in and see the counselor whenever you need to! Often times appointments fill up super quickly and you might not get an appointment immediately, but this option helps students get help without much waiting.


  2. I recently have found out about group counseling here at Sacramento State. It is a great option for those who feel intimidated by professional therapy or don’t feel comfortable yet to go to one-on-one counseling. Plus many of the counseling groups discuss a wide variety of topics. For example: women of color, family struggles, anxiety management and much more. 


  3. This is a comedy show that will take place at the University Union on October 10, 2019. It’s a comedic approach aiming to end the stigma of mental illness. The comedians made their mental health into art to inspire others. 

  4. 4. 1-on-1 Nutrition Advice and Guidance

    In the Health and Wellness promotion, students can make an appointment with a peer health educator and receive advice on their diet and meal plans. Food insecurity is high, and having one-on-one counseling about nutrition is a great way to learn about your own individual health and needs. According to, there is evidence that nutrition may play an important role in the prevention, development and management of diagnosed mental health problems including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD and dementia. Good food has a direct impact on your brain that can promote good health, meanwhile there is also bad food that can negatively effect on brain function. It's important to know what food is which! For more information, check out Food For Thought: Mental Health and Nutrition Briefing. It's important to know that your mental health can make an impact on your physical health.

Suffering from mental health issues is common in our society yet it is stigmatized and considered taboo. It is up to us to educate oneself and destigmatize mental health issues and illnesses.