5 Tips For Presenting a Panel

I recently went to my first panel and I was one of the many panelists. This was a cool experience especially for a first year like me. I never presented or talked to a group of students in a panel before so it was fun but also nerve racking. If you ever find yourself needing to host a panel but don't know how to prepare, I have some tips for you.

Here are some tips and tricks I wish I knew before I did my panel:
  1. 1. Practice

    It's cliche to say to practice as much as you can, but it's true! Practice does make it better and easier! Try to ask the event coordinator if you can have a copy of the questions to prepare beforehand. Having access to the questions beforehand allows you to practice better and allows you to make sure you include components you want to share with the students.


  2. 2. Flashcards

    Flashcards are my best friend whether it's for a test, quiz, presentation or panel. I wish I prepared beforehand and created flashcards. Having flashcards are like having a cheat sheet. You can include talking points you want to share with others and it's a backup for when you forget what to say. So trust me, flashcards make it super convenient.

  3. 3. Dress Appropriately

    I love dressing up when it comes to presentations and meetings. When you dress nice you feel more confident and this is important; You want to share your story and be proud of it. I love to dress nice because it makes me feel more professional and I feel as if I can achieve anything with my boss outfit. Look cute while being a boss!

  4. 4. Be Yourself

    No one can be you and everyone has a unique story. Just be yourself and share your experience with others. I was being honest throughout the whole panel because I wanted people to see me as relatable. Students want other students to be real and not sugarcoat things.

  5. 5. Don’t Stress too Much

    Stressing too much might lead to forgetting how fun this experience can be. Don’t over think how you do the panel. Be prepared and practice the questions so you can have a solid answer. Don’t stress on the questions, it's open for interpretation for everyone.

I wish I had done this for my first panel but there's a first for everything. Definitely next time I'll take these tips and tricks under consideration to slay the panel and do my best. Hopefully you all can utilize these tips and tricks for your next panel. Good Luck and remember to have fun,  don’t stress too much and just be yourself.