Inclusivity and Empowerment at the Women's Resource Center

A question that is often asked is “What does the Women’s Resource Center offer/do?” Before we start answering, it’s important to understand the mission of the WRC (Women’s Resource Center) here at Sacramento State University.

Their mission is to promote gender equity through four distinct pillars: Allyship, Feminism, Leadership, and Empowerment. The WRC serves all students and faculty regardless of sex, age, race, economic or marital status, gender, sexual orientation, educational level, or disabilities.

This resource center, of course, offers resources and tools in the form of programs and events aimed to increase awareness and understanding of the contributions, opportunities, and obstacles women face in society.

The WRC is located on the University Union, on the 1st floor. NOTE: They will be moving to the second floor soon, so be sure to follow them on social media to keep up-to-date.

Photo Courtesy of WRC

Now that we have some understanding of their goals, we can start off with the question:

What does the Women’s Resource Center offer/do?

The WRC has a wide spectrum of resources, ranging from a community pantry, reproductive products, events, and connections to a greater inclusive community here in Sacramento.

    On their resources site, you can find information on their daily resources.       

In the WRC itself, you can find:

  • A community pantry stocked with snacks and utensils.
  • A microwave that all are welcome to use!
  • A library with books focusing on gender, sexuality, relationships, identity, etc. They can be checked out for up to one week.
  • “Condom Cubbies” stocked with condoms, lubricants, tampons, and pads available for students and faculty for FREE!
  • A gender-inclusive restroom for anyone and everyone to use safely. You do not need permission, just walk in if the space is available.

Photo Courtesy of WRC

The WRC also host many different events:

  • Empowering Women of Color Conference: March 2nd, University Union 9-4:30PM
    • This event is centered around marginalized identities and provides an empowering space for women of color to amplify their voices and talk about their experiences.
  • Women in High Education Leadership Panel: March 5th, Pacific Suite II, 3rd Floor, UU 1:30-3PM
    • Come in between classes to learn from professional women.
  • Women of Influence Awards: March 26th, Redwood Room, UU 6-8PM
    • Honoring women, specifically students and faculty, who have accomplished and influenced through their actions.
  • Take Back the Night: April 18th, American Courtyard Quad, 6-8PM
    • Seeks to empower the Sacramento State Community to resist and end sexual, gender-based, and other forms of violence through community action.
  • SPEAK (Students Promoting Education Awareness and Knowledge):
    • Sexual Violence Prevention Internship through a feminist lens. The aim is to engage all genders and end sexual violence against women and other marginalized genders.
    • Apply here!

For more information on events or programs, be sure to check out their website and their social media (handles at the bottom).

Photo Courtesy of WRC

The WRC is a wonderful tool and community that is available to everyone. And if you are interested in helping out, you can “Make a Gift” to support their efforts. Your gift will help to continue the promotion of diversity and inclusivity while making a huge difference on campus.

If you want any more information on the WRC or have questions, feel free to reach out to them via their social media platforms or give them a call at (916) 278-7388.

WRC Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @WRC.SacState

Facebook: WRCSacramentoState

Twitter: @WRCSacState