How to make friends in university

Sure, we all love autumn-- and if you don’t then I question your judgment. What’s not to love? Pumpkin spice, colourful leaves, boots, Halloween… oh, but there is that one nuisance we refer to as “back to school.”

Whether you’re in your first year or your last year, meeting new people every September can be a stressful experience. When you were younger, you probably went to school with the same people for years and had your set group of friends. But now you’re somewhere new, you no longer know everyone, some people are older or younger, and the class size suddenly went from 20 to 100. Even the most extroverted of extroverts can get nervous in a new environment, but it’s not impossible to talk to new people. Just take a deep breath and keep the following tips in mind.

First, you have to remember that everyone’s in the same boat as you. New school, new campus, sometimes new city or country. Most times, no one else will know anyone either, and at least you know that you two have something in common if you’re meeting in a class. Talk about that. Why’d they take that class? What’s their major? Trust me, you’ll be answering the major questions plenty of times.

Sometimes friendships can start before the school year does. Your campus probably has a Facebook page or something where students talk to each other and share their majors and classes. Well, those majors and classes probably have a group chat you can join and, if not, start one. It gives you a way to get to know people and ease the fear of not having any friends.

If you’re still feeling shy in class, join a group! If you’re a writer join the Her Campus chapter at your school or join your school paper. Try out for a dance team. Play for a sport. Join people with the same interests as you Go to frosh week. Get involved. Go to games. Have fun and I promise things will happen. Don’t stress it; you’ll be fine. Think positive and enjoy your time.

Finally, remember that no one really cares. This sounds a little harsh but hear me out: all this nervousness is in your head. Everyone else-- even the people who seem to be fearless-- are probably just as nervous as you are. Just take a breath and ask them what their major is, ask them about their tattoo, see if they also took this class because it sounded like it’d be the least horrendous one. It’s a lot better to talk to someone and have a few nerves at first before a friendship than it is to sit by yourself.