7 Study Tips to Get You Through the Exam Season

As unpleasant and stressful as the exam season can be, studying is the only way to get you the grades you want. However, many students study, but don’t study right. Below are some ways to optimize your test results through some simple study hacks designed to help you ace your exams in no time.  

  1. 1. Chew gum

    If you choose to chew gum while studying be sure to chew the same flavour when you are taking the test. Studies show that chewing the same flavour of gum when you were studying can bring back information to help you ace your test.

  2. 2. Have a designated study spot 

    One of the best study habits to get into is to find a great study space. Everyone has their own ideal study area, and what you like may not necessarily be what your friend likes. However, it is important that you find a place that is well suited for you. Whether it be a coffee shop, library, or at your kitchen table, studying consistently in the same spot will help you concentrate easier.

  3. 3. Background noise

    Background noise is an important factor to consider when finding a place to study. Some feel as if they need visual and auditory stimulation to help them get into the study mood. However, some individuals may need complete silence.

  4. 4. Get plenty of rest

    Sleeping is an integral part of a healthy study routine. In order to retain any information, you have to be sure that your brain is fully awake and functioning. Caffeine is not a substitute for sleep and consistent use will cause your brain to crash, therefore impeding on your study session.

  5. 5. Take small breaks

    It is impossible to rush through studying, this means it is important to take breaks. Try setting up study checkpoints and set break times to ensure that you are giving time for the information to settle into you brain. 

  6. 6. Plan out your week

    This would have to be one of the best study habits to have prior to laying out your books. As students in post-secondary education, we all have those times where there are multiple deadlines in one day. We all know that doing it the night before only leads to more stress and a lower grade. This means that prioritizing certain courses and setting schedules will optimize your marks for an overall better GPA.

  7. 7. Think positively 

    No matter how hard you studied for a test or worked on an assignment, if you go in with a negative attitude you will only reap negative results. Your inner thoughts subconsciously project into your work ethic, meaning if you think negatively, you are going to receive negative outcomes. So let's keep those thoughts happy and positive to get that good grade.