Why Everyone Should Delete Social Media for a Week

Before taking a social media cleanse last month, I probably have not gone a week without checking socials since middle school. Social media is great at keeping us connected to friends and family, especially during unprecedented times. However, too much can start to literally take over your life. My answer to that seems simple but will be harder than you think: delete all social media off your phone for one week. I promise it will be challenging, rewarding, and completely change your point of view on the importance of social media. Below are three reasons why you should try the cleanse and what you will gain from it.


  1. Social media is simply a waste of time. The average person spends over two hours on social media every day. Yeah, you can learn some facts or stories while scrolling, but you could also use other resources to do that. Sometimes I even find myself mindlessly scrolling and not even processing what I am seeing. This time can be used to better yourself, physically and mentally. Spend the time working out, or even going outside for fresh air. We all use social media as a distraction from school or work. By deleting your social apps, so much free time will open up. Use it doing an activity you enjoy or on that assignment you have been procrastinating on for days.


  1. Social media inevitably leads to comparison, even if you do not realize it. We have all been there, scrolling and seeing someone who has a different body type, cute outfit, beautiful hair and we stare at the photo wishing we looked like that. Without even realizing it we are damaging our confidence. The week break from social media you will notice how much better you feel about your appearance. Often I found myself turning to social media for validation. I liked the attention of getting positive feedback on what I would post. Instead, I spent the week forcing myself to give myself compliments and find things I liked about myself, without relying on others to do so. Once the week is over and you redownload the apps remember, social media is not real life. People only post their best pictures where it looks like they are having an amazing time. Take everything you see on social media with a grain of salt and actively try to scroll without comparison. 


  1. Lastly, deleting social media for a week will make you be more present. How annoying is it when you are trying to have a conversation with a friend and their scrolling on their phone? Too occupied with whatever they are looking at that they are not present with those around them. Spend the week talking with those around you and having actual face to face interactions, instead of communicating through your phone.


Everyone should give this a try. Social media will be there when the week is over, but you will have a completely different outlook on it. It will be uncomfortable and maybe even frustrating, but you can do it and I promise the outcome is well worth it. 

Good luck!