TV Shows to Watch While Working Out

Working out can be a pain, but it can be much more entertaining if you have something to watch! Unfortunately, not every show is work-out material- there are just some you just need to sit down on the couch and watch...Thankfully, we've compiled a number of awesome shows that are perfect to watch while you sweat!

  • Riverdale (2 Seasons/Ongoing)

Riverdale is the CW's gritty teen-thriller take on the Archie Comics. In the small town of Riverdale, the murder of a football player reveals the dark secrets of not only the townspeople but also tests the limits of those who were left behind. It's not perfect, as the pacing and the writing can be off every once in a while, but it's still entertaining to watch. If you like Cole Sprouse, who plays one of the main characters Jughead, teen drama, duets, and a bit of psychological trauma, look no further than Riverdale!

  • Pretty Little Liars (7 Seasons)

In Pretty Little Liars, the teen drama is served with a ton of girl power, a good amount of snooping, and a lot of hot and heavy romance. After their friend, Alison, goes missing, the rest of the gang drifts apart, however, when they start getting strange and threatening texts and messages from someone calling themselves 'A,' they decide to work together to solve the mystery behind Alison's disappearance and figure out the identity of 'A.' If you don't mind a show that has a wide range of characters that will appear and disappear in a blink of an eye, limited character development, and drags on for the span of seven seasons, you should definitely check this one out!

  • The Walking Dead (8 Seasons/Ongoing)

Love zombies? Look no further than The Walking Dead! When Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma, he discovers that the world is completely plagued by zombies and decides to search for his wife and son, who may or may not be dead. The show can be quite slow-paced, especially during particular seasons, however, it features a wide range of characters, a lot of politics and drama, and a lot of relationship-building, If you don't mind blood or zombies and like to get invested in a constantly evolving story, you should definitely check out this one.

  • Law & Order SVU (19 Seasons/Ongoing)

You should check out Law & Order: SVU, if you don't like keeping up with one long story and would much rather invest in a story that lasts one whole episode. Each episode features an investigation done by the NYPD's Special Victims Unit, with the entire team led by Lt. Olivia Benson seeking justice for the victims of these heinous crimes. Given that it is currently one of the longest-running TV dramas, you'll have enough crime-filled episodes to last you plenty of work-out sessions. 

  • Dear White People (1 Season/Renewed)

Dear White People is an excellent satirical comedy-drama that uses its refreshing means of narration, as in each character takes a turn narrating an episode in their perspective and with their insight, to give each individual character, who at first seems to be a two-dimensional stereotype, particularly that of the black millennial community, their time to shine and show the complexities and nuances of their person. If you love character development, open discussion about topics that trouble and concern our world and our communities today, and complex characters, you should definitely start watching!

  • Ricky & Morty (3 Seasons)

​​Rick and Morty is an animated sci-fi sitcom that follows the crazy adventures of Rick and his grandson Morty around the universe and throughout multiple dimensions. If you're a fan of shows like South Park and Family Guy and absolutely love bawdy humor, you should definitely check out this show.