Step Up Your Study Game With These Back To School Printables

You honestly can’t rely on just Google Calendar to keep you in tip-top shape this semester. You need something sophisticated and sufficient to carry the weight of school, relationships, and hobbies off your back! Even though I’ve plugged my entire life into GCal and utilized a bunch of additional online resources, I have also used printables to help me get organized, study more efficiently, and really get my act together! Now even on my most busiest of days, I just simply print out a calendar printable and stick it on the fridge or right above my desk. With this snazzy downloadable, I can also prepare for my upcoming exams (whether it be for a language or science class) with printables - all for the sweet sweet price of free! Here are some printables that I would recommend checking out:


Courtesy of EmmaStudies

I found EmmaStudies a year ago and have been actively using the cute resources that they upload on a regular basis. Their printables, which range from monthly calendars, DIY flash card sets, and even a printable for organic chemistry, are absolutely amazing. There are so many options to choose from for many of the printables they have to offer. Oftentimes, they will have different designs, font designs, and color options. Another plus is that EmmaStudies also regularly posts equally adorable and resourceful downloadables for your phone or desktop. I look forward to their desktop wallpapers every month because I love switching things up.

Passion Planner

Courtesy of Passion Planner

Passion Planner has a range of straight-forward printables for you to use whether you want to track your water intake or need graphing paper for homework. Feeling super lost even though it’s only the beginning of the semester? I’d suggest printing out their passion roadmap. It’s really important to reflect on what you want for yourself in the short-term and long-term, but in order to do that you need to sit down and figure out what sort of goals you want to accomplish and how you’ll accomplish them. The only slight downside to the printables on Passion Planner is that you have to give them your email in order to receive the PDF of whatever printable you want.


Courtesy of Nerdastically

Midterms are on the horizon, so why not keep track of them with this printable? This exam season printable from Nerdastically is a great way to keep track of all of your upcoming exams as well as how well (or poorly) you scored on them. I personally find that having to remember the date, time, and room number of exams just another thing to worry about in the days leading up to the exam. Make sure you show up at the right time and place for your exam by sticking this somewhere you look at everyday, like your desk.

Study Guide Verified

Courtesy of Study Guide Verified

These progress trackers are a great way to keep track of projects, personal pursuits, and planning for an event. There are a variety of really pretty color options you can choose from! If you’re not looking to drain your printing money, Study Guide Verified also has a black and white version of the progress tracker printable.


Courtesy of Eintsein

Trying to memorize a ton of formulas before the upcoming chemistry exam? This formula sheet is a godsend for anyone who wants an easy way to organize all the formulas they need for an upcoming exam or track the amount of formulas they learn throughout the year. You can also use this formula sheet to test yourself and see how many formulas you have memorized.


Courtesy of HaphazardStudy

Trying to memorize definitions for an upcoming exam? Use this definition list to help you out. Use this printable to keep track of important terms or vocabulary that your professor said would be on the exam. Then you’ll be able to pull out this printable and be more than prepared on what to focus on or at least go over whether you’re studying a few days or a few hours before the exam.


Courtesy of Chai-Studies

Learning a language and want to keep track of all those different verb tenses in a more appealing way? You should check out these verb charts! There are three different colors choices you can choose from (blue, red, and green) and there’s plenty of room to customize it. Memorizing conjugations was one of my least favorite parts of studying Spanish, however, having these charts on hand will keep you prepared for any conversation, exam, or exercise that will test your fluency.

Everyone prepares for an exam in different ways. Some people only need digital flashcards to help them get their act together. Other people, like me, need a combination of both digital resources and physical resources to help them do the best they can. Either way, printables are a great way to stay on top of your game, especially during exam season.