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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Most of us are probably not as motivated as we used to because we are quarantined. I have to admit that I have been sitting on my couch for the last five weeks, still in disbelief of what is going on around the world. However, about two weeks ago, I realized that I needed to change and start doing something productive with my life. I decided to start doing what I love to do, working out. My motivation was that I wanted to stay fit and healthy while also looking good. I did not want to leave my house once quarantine is over and look like I had been sitting in the coach, eating and watching Netflix, Disney+, Youtube and especially TikTok non-stop. Also, after I workout I normally feel good and awake, so I started watching fitness videos so that I could make a workout routine that is easy to do without any machines or equipment.

Step 1: Stretching

Stretching allows you to loosen up your muscles and become more flexible, which will decrease the likeliness of you injuring yourself when working out. 

The way I stretch is by using an app called Sworkit Stretching. This is a free app on any mobile device, and it has an option for you to stretch your Full Body, Head to Toe, or Pilates Essentials.  It also has a timer and every stretch lasts 30 seconds. Personally, I like to workout for at least ten minutes, and my favorite stretches include:

Kneeling Hip Flexor – this will stretch your hips and hamstrings. The best way to do this is by doing 30 seconds on one side and another 30 seconds on the other side. Put your hands on your leg and push your body towards your leg as that will stretch your hamstrings more (you should feel the stretch as you move forward). 

Knee to Chest – this will stretch your hips and lower back. To do this, you must lay on your back and push your knee towards your chest as if you are hugging it. Do this on both sides.

Standing Hamstring Stretch – this will stretch your hamstrings. To do this, you must be standing, then you will bend down and try to touch your toes without bending your knees.

Hurdlers Stretch – this will stretch your hamstrings and back.

Bending Windmill Stretch – this will stretch your hips, hamstrings and back. To do this, you must be standing with your feet shoulder length apart. First raise your hands as high as possible, then with one hand touch your feet opposite of the hand that you are using. Do this for both sides.

Step 2: Running (Optional)

One of my favorite parts of working out is running. Running increases endorphins in your body, which causes you to be more energized and happy, and it also raises your heart rate. Furthermore, running increases your endurance, strengthens your cardiovascular system, helps with mental health(allows people to stay focused and motivated), reduces stress, burns calories and so much more. This part of my workout pushes me to keep going and get my body moving for more workouts.

Personally, I like to run at least a mile every workout. Once my body is fit and used to working out I start running longer distances, normally between 3 to 5 miles. However, I know not everyone loves to run, which is why this step is optional.

Step 3: Workouts

Abs and Core: Abs and Core is one of the main parts of the body the most people like to workout. Personally, I like to work this out as well because it is one of the most challenging workouts to do, and the best one to do without equipment.

My abs and core workout includes:

1 minute – Figure 8s 

1 minute – Side Leg Raises

1 minute – Plank Side Touches

1 minute – Starfish Crunches

1 minute – Mountain Climbers

4 sets of 20 – Reverse Crunch

4 sets of 20 – V-Sit Ups

4 sets of 30 – Toe Touches 

4 sets of 30 – Bicycles (each side)

3 sets of 20 – Push Up Burpees 

Glutes: Personally, I think the glutes are the least challenging and easiest part of the body to workout. My glutes workout includes:

3 sets of 20 – Squat Jumps 

3 sets of 20 – Fire Hydrant (each leg)

3 sets of 20 – Donkey Kicks (each leg) 

3 sets of 20 – Glute Bridge 

3 sets of 30 – Squats 

Cardio: If you decided to skip running or do more cardio workouts, these are some additional workouts you can do:

30 minutes – Zumba

I absolutely love doing Zumba because it is such a fun workout to do and you can be as goofy as you want, and it still allows you to workout out and stay healthy. I have created a Zumba playlist on Youtube with some of my favorite Zumba workouts.

5 sets of 50 – Jumping Jacks

Step 4: Stretching (Again)

Many people do not think that stretching afterwards is important, but it actually is as important as stretching before a workout. After working out your muscles will be sore and tired, so it is important to stretch them once again. Personally, I like to stretch for an additional 5 to 10 minutes.

These workouts are easy to do, and it allows you to do something during quarantine. After a few weeks of constantly working out, you will be back in shape with a fit body. If you do this at least 4 times a week, eventually, working out will become a habit of yours that is part of your everyday routine.

My name is Chiara Isabela Fune, and I am currently a freshman student at Rutgers University majoring in Biochemistry. I was born in the Philippines and lived there for over twelve years. I have a great passion for service and women empowerment.