Roommates: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. Roommates come in all types. Sometimes if you're lucky you get an awesome roommate who becomes one of your bridesmaids at your wedding but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, if you’re very unlucky, you get paired with someone you can’t stand. Suddenly you find yourself counting down the days until move out. We’ve all been there.

An ideal roommate that we would all love to have is someone along a little something like this:


Your random roommate becomes your best friend. It happens! The Rutgers system does a decent job occasionally!


Both you and your roommate create a “cleaning chart” and abide by who takes the trash out and sweeps the floor on your assigned days. Your room is always tidy and sparkly.


Even though the semester can get quite rough, you guys somehow manage to fit in some study time together at the library or in the study lounge.


You both agree that having company over is okay.  After all, you both are extroverts and love a good time.  

The reality is that sometimes we get the complete opposite and things go a little something like this:


Your random roommate will be an acquaintance, and you will live together. That’s as far as it goes. You both have your separate friend groups but are friendly with each other.


You end up taking the trash out all the time and your floor hasn’t been swept since the last time you did it. You suddenly realize your roommate is the messiest person you have ever met. #shouldofgotasingle


You found out that you are actually an introvert rather quickly. That you would much rather cuddle with your body pillow and binge watch your favorite tv shows on Netflix. The whole time you wish both your roommate and their friends would just get out of the room.