Our New Years Resolutions (Or Ones We Didn't Keep)

Our New Years Resolutions (Or Ones We Didn't Keep)

Another year, another set of resolutions that we vow to follow, but maybe don’t actually end up happening. Here’s a list of some resolutions that we’ve been trying to keep.

  1. Eating Healthy Easier said than done, especially when your friends are going out for tacos but you have some sad meal-prepped salads at home waiting for you. It’s a real struggle, especially if it’s been a long day and you just need some brownies to comfort yourself.

  2. Fitness Habits Losing weight is not the healthiest mindset, but trying to incorporate fitness into your life as a weekly habit is! Realistically speaking, let’s aim for a fitness class at least once a week as opposed to zero. Baby steps!

  3. Being Nicer It’s a thin line between being honest and being nice, but maybe we can find it this year?

  4. Spending Less Money There’s only good things that come out of this one: Less trash on the earth and in your closet, and more money in your wallet! If only it were that easy...

New Year, New Me! … Not.