Office Chic Must-Haves Fit For A Girl Boss

There’s nothing worse than landing your ultimate dream job only to have nothing in your closet to wear on your first day. As girl bosses, not only do we act the part, but we always make sure to arrive in our best office chic outfit with a latte in hand ready for whatever the workday throws at us. That being said, nerves can often creep in and leave you questioning every single item of clothing in your closet, leaving you to panic over the perfect outfit the night before your first day. From a blazer to a statement necklace, we’ve got you covered with these current office chic trends suitable for any girl boss.


If you are ever at a complete loss of what to wear to the office, you can never go wrong with a classic blazer. Whether it is oversized or fitted, blazers are an absolute must-have for any professional setting. Blazers have been an essential for girl bosses since the ‘80s. Just by simply adding a blazer to your outfit, you are adding a sophisticated touch that instantly makes your outfit appropriate for the office and proves that you mean business. The greatest quality of a blazer is that you can pair them with your favorite wide-leg pant or a skirt, making them versatile to wear all year round. Dress it up, or dress it down - either way, you’ll be set for a work day at the office.

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Speaking of a wide-leg pant, this is another essential for girl bosses everywhere because it can be paired with a multitude of pieces in your closet. The wide-leg gives these pants a sense of dressiness without overdoing it, and the high-waisted feature makes them more stylish than your average work trouser. If you’re in the mood to step up your office style then you can even find these pants in a variety of subtle patterns that can make your outfit a little more fun on an otherwise uneventful work day. From solid colors to stripes, wide-leg pants will never disappoint.

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A chiffon top is the epitome of sophistication, so why waste another second without this staple in your closet? Getting your hands on this top can be the key to upping your office style game that you may have never realized you needed. The sheer fabric makes it easy to tuck into any high-waisted bottom without getting that annoying cinch of fabric by your waist that a cotton shirt would normally do. Bonus if you can find a chiffon top with a cute bow at the neckline for an added built-in accessory, or even an oversized belted one will do the trick. Whichever look you decide on, if a chiffon top is involved, your girl boss work outfit is sure to be a hit.

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Although the round toe was favored above the pointed toe for the past few years, you better believe that they are back and better than ever - ready to make your work outfit the most fashionable it can be. A pointed toe instantly adds a chic touch to whatever bottom you pair it with, whether that be a skirt or pants. The best thing about this style is that they look amazing in both heels or flats, perfect for accommodating whatever hustle the day might bring. Go casual with your average black, pointed toe heel, or step it up a notch and try out a faux-crocodile design.  

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Photo by Lulu’s


As we approach warmer temperatures hopefully very soon, a midi skirt gives you just the right amount of space to breathe while still looking professional. The last thing you want is to feel suffocated in uncomfortable pants as the weather starts to get humid again. A midi skirt is your key to avoiding that issue while still looking stylish at the same time. Pair it with your favorite fitted top and blazer or a sheer chiffon top and a statement necklace to create a look all of your colleagues will be talking about.

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Even with all of these office chic must-haves in your closet, there will be certain occasions where you feel your outfit is missing something - aka, a statement necklace. Now, just because it’s a statement doesn’t mean it needs to be anything outside of your comfort zone, but a nice touch of jewelry really does have the power to transform any outfit. Whether it be a dainty array of jewels around your neck or an intricate string of golden plates, you can always count on a statement necklace to complete your office look with elegance.

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While there are an infinite number of office staples you can get creative with, the essentials above are the ones that will truly complete any look fit for the office. Especially if you’re running late (although, us girl bosses don’t run late, right?), having these pieces in your wardrobe can be a life saver and make all the difference on a stressful morning. So what are you waiting for? I think it’s time to treat yourself to a girl boss shopping spree!