Dorm Cooking Hacks


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College = living in a dorm, typically. However, for someone who started out living in an apartment and now living in a dorm, the transition from all-inclusive unit to just a room has definitely had its moments. Luckily, bathroom usage is the least of my concerns, but the kitchen, that I have always taken for granted, has been missed. The ability to cook pasta, bake late-night cookies, and have a myriad of options in the fridge, in privacy, has disappeared. However, there are ways to still get your cooking on in a low-key, safe manner (definitely don’t need those fire alarms going off). Think about the snacks that will satisfy you and their efficiency in a kitchen-less environment. Think multitasking, coffee maker to boil water for tea, ramen, oatmeal. Your microwave can serve plenty of basic cooking purposes if you just look into it a little. You can steam veggies, bake a potato, make your simple popcorn, warm a sandwich, bake a brownie in a mug, and, my personal favorite, cook your bacon.

(Tip for the wise: open your windows, turn on your fan, use paper towel to wrap the bacon strips and place on plate for 3-4 minutes, you’re welcome).

Courtesy of Giphy


     Sometimes you’re just way too lazy or tired and don’t want to take the morning stroll to the dining hall. That’s fine because now you can cook breakfast right from the comfort of your dorm. Scrambled eggs in the microwave, what? YES. You can make scrambled eggs in the microwave and it is made the exact same way as you would on the stove. Simply put all your ingredients in a mug and put it in the microwave for about 3 minutes. Once the 3 minutes are up, take it out and stir it around until it is scrambled.  It will look like you cooked it out right off the stove!



Ditch the powdered cheese and make classic mac and cheese in a mug. All you need is macaroni noodles, cheese, and whatever other additional toppings you like. Just cover the macaroni with water and cook for 5 minutes or until tender. Then add cheese, cook for a few more minutes, and you’re done! No need to eat powdered cheese to get your mac and cheese fix.


Rice is super easy to make in a mug! Pour in your rice, cover it completely with water, and pop it in the microwave. After your rice is cooked, you can add veggies and soy sauce for a quick stir-fry type meal or add beans, cheese, and salsa for a quick burrito bowl in a mug. The possibilities are endless.


Looking for a fun and compact snack that is great for parties and small friendly gatherings (or, just to have all for yourself)? Look no further than the no-bake chocolate chip cookie dough balls! First, cream softened butter and brown sugar. Second, mix in flour, vanilla, and a ton of mini chocolate chips. After you mold them, refrigerate them. You can serve them like this, or you can go another mile and melt a whatever chocolate you have on hand, drizzle it onto the chocolate balls, then refrigerate them. Or, even better, you can dunk them into the container of melted chocolate!