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Diet Coke’s Campus Tour Is Coming To Rutgers

Students who are hustling their way through their busy schedules or are strolling along the packed sidewalks of College Avenue to enjoy some free time for themselves in between classes are in for a sweet treat this Thursday afternoon.

On April 4th beginning at 12 pm, the Diet Coke College Campus Tour will be stopping by the Rutgers College Avenue Student Center with all six flavors of the delicious original. Her Campus Rutgers is excited to be partnering with Diet Coke for this event!

Diet Coke will be introducing the two new flavors of Blueberry Acai and Strawberry Guava on their tour, and will also have last year’s fruity additions of Feisty Cherry, Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, and Zesty Blood Orange as well as the classic drink on their tour. The new Diet Coke flavors also come in sleek redesigned 12 ounce cans that can easily be put into backpack side pockets and transported around from class to class.

I recall taste testing the initial four new flavors when they had been released last year, and both the Feisty Cherry and Zesty Blood Orange left an impression on me. The Feisty Cherry flavor reminded me of a unique take on the cherry add-in I often select on the customizable Coca-Cola freestyle machines during my frequent (ok fine, almost daily) Wawa runs. Zesty Blood Orange had more of a refreshing citrus taste to it, one of my personal favorite drink flavors, and the zesty aspect was nicely balanced with the original Diet Coke taste.

For a more comprehensive review of each of the Diet Coke flavors, including the two released this year, be sure to read Her Campus Clemson University’s article where they describe every single flavor.

The Diet Coke College Tour will be making a total of sixty-eight stops by May 8th at colleges and universities all over the country. Earlier this week on Monday, April 1st, they visited the University of Central Florida to give their students a chance to test out all of the flavors. Check out Her Campus UCF’s super cute Diet Coke photoshoot below!


Her Campus Vanderbilt also had the Diet Coke College tour visit them at Vanderbilt University on Tuesday, April 2nd. Honestly, I can think of few better reasons to perk yourself up with a refreshing drink than accidentally sleeping through a class that’s held way earlier than any lecture ever should be.



So take your mind off of your busy coursework and the impending final assignments (sorry, too soon?) by stopping by the Diet Coke Campus Tour at the College Ave Student Center this Thursday afternoon. And maybe take some time to try out all of the new flavors, just because you can. We hope to see you there!

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Cassidy hails from Delaware County, Pennsylvania and is an undergraduate Journalism and Media Studies major and Psychology minor at Rutgers University with a passion for telling stories. She is the current Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Rutgers.
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