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Activities That Will Get You Out of Your Dorm in the Fall

Fall, the time where the crisp cool air is blowing and an array of colorful leaves are falling. There is nothing easier to do during this season than to snuggle up in your blanket with a cup of hot cider. While a part of fall is about getting cozy and staying indoors, it certainly isn’t ideal to stay in your warm dorm all season long. Luckily, there are countless things to do outdoors here at Rutgers that won’t break your bank.

Visit Hidden Grounds Coffee on College Avenue

Sip and study anyone? Indulge in one of Hidden Grounds Coffees’ seasonal drinks like their Pumpkin Chai or Peppermint Mocha. Hidden Grounds Coffee has the most aesthetic environment for you and your friends to relax and chat outside your dorms. Not a coffee drinker? No problem, they also offer breakfast pastries, making it a practical morning time spot.


Visit a Farm!

One of the things I always do as soon as it becomes fall is to go to a farm or pumpkin patch. Since most farms usually close in the wintertime, now is the perfect time to visit a farm before they close for the season. Farms are really beautiful in Autumn, and they have lots of activities like apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, and corn mazes, which are usually budget-friendly. Also, there is nothing better than supporting a local farm while having fun in the process!​


Shop for a New Fall Wardrobe at By the By Vintage

There’s a new clothing shop that recently opened on College Avenue! By the By Vintage is not your ordinary clothing shop, they offer unique pieces of clothing that you can not find anywhere else, at reasonable prices! You can stop by anytime during the week except for Monday’s and shop their wide range of shirts, pants, and accessories. You will definitely walk out of here with a one-of-a-kind piece that can be your fall staple!​


Take a Fitness class with Pretty Girls Sweat

Challenge yourself and take a fitness class with PGS (Pretty Girls Sweat) at Rutgers! Working out alone can be daunting, but not with PGS! They are a group of motivating girls who strive to stay in shape as a team! They offer free fitness classes every Friday that range from hiking to yoga! This is a great way to stay fit in the fall, (trust me, those PSL’s add up), and get out of your dorm in the process. You should definitely check them out this semester!​


So get out and enjoy this beautiful weather doing some of the things above, as you take a break from the semester.

Aleena is a sophomore at Rutgers University pursuing a career in marketing and digital media and communications. When she is not writing for HerCampus, you will probably find her on the go being a girl boss with a cup of coffee. Aleena loves to talk all things environmental, media-related, and fashion. Aleena loves to keep active online; you can keep up and say hi on Instagram @aleena313.
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