5 Ways Spring Cleaning Can Improve Your Mental Health

Is your room turning into a garbage dump? Are you unable to think clearly due to the clutter? Do not stress! Cleaning has been proven to provide many mental health benefits. So stop sulking in your messy room and start cleaning your room and watch your life start to get cleaner as well!

  1. 1. Decluttering Your Life Declutters Your Mind

    Living in a messy environment can be overwhelming and fill us with disgust and anxiety. Getting rid of the clutter, such as trash, old clothes/shoes or any unnecessary objects taking up space in your room, cleanses your mind. When you have more open space in your room it allows you to think more clearly. Based on the law of attraction, if your living environment is clean, then your vibration will be raised and your mind will be cleansed as well. When your room is clean your soul feels clean.

  2. 2. Letting Go Of The Old Makes Room For New Opportunities To Start Showing Up Into Your Life

    If you have a habit of holding onto all your belongings and never getting rid of old clothes, you may be preventing yourself from advancing onto the next phase in your life. When our rooms are filled with clutter it does not allow room for the universe to bring you new opportunities. Once you clean your room of old baggage, you will feel like a brand new person. A clean room, implies you are ready to receive new blessings because you have room for them in your life.

  3. 3. Cleaning Manifests Productivity

    When your room is clean, you will be able to focus more clearly because your mind is calm and not all over the place. You will also not get distracted by the mess around you, allowing you to fully indulge in your studies. Cleaning in itself is productive so once you do one productive thing, you will have more motivation to continue to be productive.

  4. 4. Cleaning Boosts Confidence

    As your living environment becomes clean and is back to looking beautiful, this will indirectly make you start to feel more clean and beautiful. Specifically, cleaning your mirror will make you feel more confident, since you can clearly see your face and outfit the mirror. Not to mention your mirror selfies will be fire!!

  5. 5. Cleaning Sparks Creativity

    Cleaning opens the door for creativity to pour out of you. Once your living environment is  clean and spacious you will be able to clearly think of new projects you can take on. You might think of even better ways to enhance your room by decorating. Or maybe even decide to paint a canvas, now that you have a clean working area in your room and you can even hang your painting up in your room to make it more lively!

Cleaning provides so much more benefits then what is listed in this article. So what are you waiting for? Find your soap and sponge and get scrubbin!! Your clean mind body and soul awaits you!