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3 Things I’ve Learned About My Twenties

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

As soon as you turn twenty, there is a comical romanticization of womanhood. Entering your twenties has always had a lot attached to it—whether that be pressure on you from adults to start adulting, or the stress from all of the anti-aging products that pop up on your Tik Tok For You page.  

However, I think that entering your twenties is overrated according to what society says. So, these are my personal revelations that I’ve had since I’ve turned twenty:

  1. You are the most important person in your life—period. 

If you’re twenty, you’re most likely in college. And, if you’re in college, you probably interact with a good amount of people throughout your day. Being a friend and someone that people can rely on is an amazing quality that you build more and more as you meet more people in your twenties. It is so important to remember though, that sometimes you have to put yourself first. You might get a lot of invites and want to make it all work, but you need to take a look inside yourself and see what your priorities are. I often have to weigh the pros and cons of going out on a Saturday night with some friends, versus doing a face mask and catching up on sleep. Those decisions may feel hard, but go with your gut on what will make you feel the best! If there’s a day where you can’t be two or three places at once, give yourself grace. Remember that you try, you’re a good friend, and you have to be there for yourself first and foremost. 

  1. I know it’s not comfy, but step out of your comfort zone.

Now is the time to try new things! In your twenties, you can make time for yourself that you never thought you had and do awesome things during this time. For example, it is so much easier for me to scroll through TikTok for two hours before going to sleep, but instead I have picked up reading. (I just finished my first book in three years!) It can feel so refreshing to replace old habits. You don’t have to change up your whole routine in one go; maybe try to change one habit or try one new thing around campus each week! Try going to a club meeting you’ve never been to before or even studying in a new spot. Of course, I know it is more usual and comforting for us to do what we are used to, but right now is the time to shake things up!

  1. Be your own best friend and motivator

I won’t pretend like your twenties is a time spent constantly with someone else by your side the entire time; some people feel their twenties can actually be really lonely. It’s crucial to remember that on the days where you might be by yourself, try to find peace in your time alone. Also, you have to be the loudest voice for yourself to tell yourself that you are wonderful. If you have to, say affirmations out loud! (It’s not crazy, it works!) Every morning when I wake up for rowing practice, I audibly tell myself that everything is going to be okay and that I am doing a great job. You can even throw in a personal high five to yourself! If you ever need an extra boost from an outside source, I’ve linked an awesome Instagram page that gives you self-loving quotes that you can look at and repost on your story. Surround yourself with positivity and the positive self-talk will come!

The reality is that your twenties are a time of so much growth in any girl’s life. It can be hectic, but so beautiful at the same time! Turning twenty in college can feel scary in a social sense, but it is also something to be totally excited about. Embrace your roaring twenties!

MaryKate is a sophomore at Rutgers University studying Communications, double minoring in Digital Communication, Information, & Media, and Sport Management. She is on the Rutgers Women's Rowing team and enjoys trying new foods, taking naps, swimming, and creating unique playlists!