3 Essential Ways to Experience Spring Flowers

Spring comes and goes between harsh cold winters and blaring hot summers, only briefly allowing people to experience certain varieties of flowers. For instance, cherry blossoms go through their peak blooms in a short timeframe. The fragility of these flowers can make it harder for people to appreciate them, especially for those with busy schedules. However, it is also important to refresh yourself by being involved with the environment. Seasons transition quickly, so don’t forget to experience spring flowers with at least one of these ideas!

  1. 1. Visit a Famous Cherry Blossom Spot

    It has only been a couple of years since I last visited Branch Brook Park, a spring oasis in the middle of an urban area. Springtime two years ago was a simpler time. There were no warnings or cautions on people’s minds before going flower viewing, and we all closely chattered among ourselves underneath the seasonal spring flowers. I still remember when the audience for the cherry and plum blossom trees lined up against each other in the park, and I would have to double-check myself from photo-bombing someone else’s photo sessions. 

    Every year, people across the tri-state area flock together to see hundreds of pink and white cherry blossoms at Branch Brook. The cherry blossom tree variety and number is even greater than that of Washington DC’s collection, as it is the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the United States. Branch Brook Park may be the most popular cherry blossom viewing spot in New Jersey, but the park is still large enough to accommodate plenty of people (with consideration of the on-going pandemic). You could also check out the park’s waterfronts with the flowers’ reflection on them, or the French Gothic-style church for a moodier scenery. Admission to the park is free of course, but your time is far more urgent to save- the cherry blossom season is beautifully short.  Ask your peers as soon as possible to experience the full loveliness of these flowers!

  2. 2. Go to Nearby Botanical Gardens

    One of my favorite things about living in New Jersey is the accessibility to major cities, which makes the location perfect for taking a trip to special landmarks and seasonal events. To see a huge collection of spring flowers all at once, there’s no better place to go than a botanical garden. Botanical Gardens are places dedicated to cultivating, preserving, and exhibiting many types of plants in one large area. They also serve as important research environments to experts interested in botany and horticulture. If you live in the tri-state area, you would be close to both the New York Botanical Garden and New Jersey Botanical Garden. However, the New York Botanical Garden may be easier to access given how it resides in the Bronx. Overall, both have gorgeous environments and are fantastic choices for a healing stroll. Popular spring flowers such as Azaleas, Magnolias, and Daffodils are all present in these gardens. But with the variety available to you in those areas, you could easily find another favorite.

  3. 3. Take in Floral Aromas

    You might have concerns about the distance between your place and the public flower viewing areas. For people who lack cars or public transportation options, it would be especially difficult to reach parks and gardens. However, you could still experience spring flowers with another alternative- floral scents and flavors. We are well aware of seasonal associations with certain flavors, such as fall/pumpkin and winter/peppermint. During spring, food and drinks began to emphasize flavors and concepts from different flowers, such as hibiscus or cherry blossoms. If you would like to just experience the aromatic nature of them, I recommend buying teas or scents. With a steadier stream of sunlight coming into your room, a hot cup of rose tea or lavender scents will enhance your room’s atmosphere. From my experience, there are two ways to obtain these floral aromas. You could either order seasonal products online or savor them from a local café, such as Simply Chai near Rutgers University. These products won’t capture the visual spectacle of spring blossoms, but they will help you get a similar serene feeling.

In every season, there is an opportunity to experience something new with your friends or family. With pleasant weather and lovely views, this season is important for reviving strength against weary lifestyles. Whether you’re with yourself or others, take the time to capture springtime with its natural beauty.