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10 Things You Need to Survive the Holidays


WINE…WINE…WINE…uhh did I mention wine? Just kidding! While the holidays are a ton of fun, in the midst of gift-giving, family gatherings, holiday music, and more, it can also get pretty draining. These are some essentials to surviving the holiday season!

1. WINE!


2. HOT COCOA! Preferably with marshmallows…. Or not (if you’re a monster… just kidding) Hot cocoa is a delicious holiday treat guaranteed to warm you up and cheer you up.


3. Movies. A movie night by yourself or family/friends is a great way to spend time together

4. Board games. Another great family or friend gathering activity that will put everyone in a great mood. (SOURCE)

5. Coupons! Holidays mean holiday shopping so dig up some great deals online and in person.

6. Chocolates. Not only is chocolate a great gift but you can’t survive the holiday season without them

7. Fuzzy socks. There’s nothing better than soft comfortable socks, especially in the winter. (SOURCE)

8. Books. A great book is an essential for relaxing during the hectic holidays.

9. A great playlist! Crank up your best and favorite playlist to jam out to during the holidays.

10. SLEEP! Don’t forget to rest and replenish yourselves by getting plenty of rest.


Hannah Javed

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