This Week's Silver Linings

I’m not sure about you guys, but for me, this past week has been pretty rough. The Spring semester is so much more difficult than the Fall; summer is just around the corner, the weather is starting to get nicer, and I’d rather spend my time on the beach than studying for my exams. This past week was full of panicking about my future, all of the uncertainties that life brings, and stress about the normal tests and homework. Just in case anyone else was feeling similarly or feels like all they hear about lately is terrible things, here are some good news stories from this past week to show that not everything is bad!

H.I.V. Is Reported Cured in a Second Patient

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For only the second time in history, doctors seemed to have cured HIV, the first occurrence being almost 12 years ago. Many researchers and doctors have tried to recreate the study that cured the first patient so many years ago, and many have failed. This time, however, it appears to have finally been done again. This is a humongous step towards toppling the global HIV epidemic, and although the procedures and medicine are very difficult to do now, this may be a glimpse into our future for the millions of people that live with HIV across the world.

Lottery winner grateful after good Samaritan returns $273 million winning ticket

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m quite addicted to getting lottery tickets, but the most I’ve ever won is $10. Can you imagine winning $273 million, but losing it? Thankfully, our faith in humanity can be slightly restored, as this lucky New Jersey resident got back his winning ticket. He had paid for them at the checkout counter, but accidentally left them behind when he left. The store clerk kept it for him, and they just so happened to be the winning numbers. He wants to find the clerk in order to thank him for being so kind.

Nearly 5,000 People Stand in Rain for Hours to Save Boy with Cancer

Oscar Saxelby-Lee

Oscar Saxelby, a 5-year-old resident of Worchester, England, was unfortunately diagnosed with a very rare form of leukemia. He was told he only had three months to find a stem cell donor, so his parents began making public appeals to try to find his match. They held a drive for prospective donors at his elementary school and broke the record of the most attendees the charity had ever seen: nearly 5,000 people. Even heavy showers couldn’t deter people from coming and waiting outside for hours: it is amazing what people will do for others in the community, especially children!

International Women's Day

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And of course, how could we forget a very special holiday that just passed on Friday: International Women’s Day! No matter who you are, I know that you have some lovely ladies to thank for making you the person you are today. Whether it be a mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, sister, best friend, or teacher--make sure that you tell the women around you each and every day how thankful you are to have them in your life.

These good stories made me realize that even if I didn’t have so great of a week, others around the world are experiencing wonderful things that will forever change their lives. Always try to look on the bright side!