On vs Off: The Campus Housing Debate

At Rowan University, you are required to live on campus both your Freshman year and your Sophomore year (unless you commute, of course). Therefore, the past year and a half I have spent living on campus, and I have been thankful enough to live in two great buildings: Holly Pointe Commons, and the Whitney Center. Both of these buildings have provided great resources and atmospheres for me to get adjusted to living away from home and becoming more independent. I really cannot complain about the time I have spent living on this beautiful campus, however after next semester, it will be my last. Both my Junior and Senior year, I plan to live off-campus in the cutest home with four good friends of mine, which I am beyond excited about. I know many others that are getting houses for next year as well, but what fascinates me is that there are a good portion of students that are deciding to stay on campus for the next two years as well. This pretty even split has made me realize that there are a lot of good options with living on campus as well as living off, and I have compiled a list of the best and worst things about living on and off campus your Junior and Senior year of college.

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Holly Pointe Commons, my freshman dorm


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The Whitney Center, where I currently live


The nicest thing about living on campus is the convenience and minimal stress that comes with it; you just pay your money and they handle the rest. There is not rent, no utilities, and if something goes wrong you can just call maintenance to fix it for you with no extra cost. With our upperclassman housing as well, it comes completely fully furnished, so you don’t have to go shopping for couches, chairs, beds, dressers, or coffee tables. College is stressful enough, so having less to worry about in the housing department is really great.


Money is the main attraction to off-campus housing; you can save a ton of money by living off campus. For example, living in the Whitney Center for two semesters is $11,002. With the rent that I will be paying off campus next year, I will be paying around $6,240 for 12 months of living, without utilities. That is quite the price difference! Whether you are paying for college or not, I know every college student is trying to find the cheapest options, so off-campus living is the way to go for many students.

Fire Alarms, RA’s, & Neighbors

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Staying in an on-campus housing unit means that there are people on all sides, which can come with many downfalls. In both years that I have lived on campus, there are have been more fire alarms than I could even begin to count: some at 3am, some in the pouring rain and dead of winter, and some that come back to back. I detest fire alarms with every bone in my body, so knowing that I won’t have to deal with a single one for the next two years gives me peace. On-campus living also comes with RA’s, or Residential Assistants. I know they are students just like me and they have a job to do, but their presence is a mood killer if you want to have friends over and you know you can’t be too loud, or else someone (yes, I’m talking to you annoying neighbor) will file a noise complaint against you. Also, neighbors suck. Off-campus, as long as you have chill neighbors, which I already know I do, you can have as many friends over and be as loud as you want and you don’t have to shush everyone every time there is a knock on the door.



This may be pretty obvious but living off-campus gives you so much more freedom. You get to have your own driveway and car- an impossibility for Freshman and Sophomores- have your own lawn and space to take care of and own, you have bills to pay and groceries to buy- you’re a grown adult! I can’t exactly categorize this as a pro or a con, because it truly is both. I’m nervous and excited for the next chapter of my life, and to have more responsibility on my shoulders. I know I will always have my parents to fall back on, but I’m taking the next big step into being on my own.