Tips for a Better You!

“What am the f*ck am I going to do?” is something I ask myself three to 50 times a day. While the nation is at a standstill, many college students, like myself, are taking being outside for granted. Coexisting with the thought of being bored, are we really bored or are we unmotivated? During this time of uncertainty, it’s time for you to be certain about something. With that being said get the f*ck out of your feelings and turn into a better you.


  1. 1. Breathe!

    a pink neon "and breathe" sign over a plant wall

    Now that you aren’t moving around so much take a second to breathe. Deep breathes in and out to relieve tension and stress that have built up over time. It sounds silly, but taking five minutes out of your day to breathe is not only relaxing but rewarding. If you need some help try downloading the Calm app which provides deep breathing, sleeping, and meditation exercises to reduce stress and tension.

  2. 2. Go for a walk

    The Lalaplaid Duster Brick Wall Girl Walking

    I said what I said. Just put on your headphones and just walk. It doesn’t matter where or how far, JUST GO! Walking is a great form of exercise and relief at the same time. While on your nature discovery you can listen to a fire ass playlist while tightening up those glutes!

  3. 3. Cleanse

    floating wooden shelves full of books, art prints and other knickknacks

    Cleansing can mean a variety of things, but in this case, I’m talking about releasing things that serve you no purpose. We often find ourselves holding on to things that have no meaning like photos, apps, messages, ex’s, and even friends. Take a step back to reflect your purpose or goals in life and reevaluate what is benefiting and hindering your growth overall. Not only are you spending a lot of alone time to yourself, but you now have the time to analyze what is and is not making you happy.

  4. 4.  Try journaling

    The Lalagirl Writing In Notebook

    I know you're probably thinking “I’ve tried that before, but it didn’t work.” Well did it not work because you tried it for a day or two? Or did it not work because you were “too busy”? Journaling is something that can be done anywhere at any time of the day. You don’t need a fancy notebook to start either. Try setting a timer and writing for about 15 minutes a day for a week. If that works then continue to add 5 minutes each week and go from there! If not try every other day, you got this!

  5. 5. Take your time

    woman with highlight on her cheek

    Self-improvement is not a race. Think of it as taking the time out to do what's beneficial to your overall well being. Just because there's a pressure to learn a new skill doesn’t mean you have to. Take this time yourself and be at ease. Trust me it will all pay off!